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Arto Vaun Premieres His Latest Single, “Stuck Inside a Map”

After a long hiatus from releasing new music, singer-songwriter Arto Vaun returns with the premiere of his new single “Stuck Inside a Map.”



Arto Vaun, photo by Roubina Margossian
Arto Vaun, photo by Roubina Margossian

In his illustrious career, Arto Vaun has worn many different hats. These days, he’s very firmly wearing his singer-songwriter hat, with Vaun today premiering his new single “Stuck Inside a Map.”

Songwriting has been a longtime interest of his. But it wasn’t until recently that he decided to rerelease new music, with “Stuck Inside a Map” and his recent “Candy Heart” single marking his first new music in over a decade.

Commenting on the song, Vaun tells us:

“‘Stuck Inside a Map’ is the result of around six years of somewhat reclusive songwriting while I was overseas and grappling with loss, grief, anger, and rebirth. It signals me coming out of a decades-long fog brought on by the high dose of tragedy, upheaval and PTSD I experienced in my teens through my 30s.”

In 2013, Vaun released his full-length The Cynthia Sessions. But subsequently, life led him in a different direction, uprooting him from his native city of Boston and taking him overseas. For twelve years, he focused on writing, releasing a book of poems, finishing a PhD in Creative Writing, and becoming an English Literature professor. His book of poetry, titled Capillarity, was published by Carcanet in 2009. He’s also the founder and former director of the Center for Creative Writing. Vaun is the former chair of the English and Communications BA program at the American University of Armenia.

But along the whole way, he never stopped writing songs. He is well known in the industry, having previously played live with Rufus Wainwright, Ben Kweller, Daniel Johnston, Wheat, Kimya Dawson, War on Drugs, Mark Eitzel, and Wheat. Whether it’s songs, poetry, or creative writing, Vaun’s passion is evident. And he feels reenergized, elated again to be releasing new music.

Arto Vaun “Stuck Inside a Map” single artwork

Arto Vaun “Stuck Inside a Map” single artwork