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Natasha Blackwood Premieres Her Music Video for “Pleading Guilty”

Maritimes singer-songwriter Natasha Blackwood premieres her music video for “Pleading Guilty” from her ‘Love Songs for Good Machines’ record.



Natasha Blackwood in 2024, photo by Dan Smith
Natasha Blackwood in 2024, photo by Dan Smith

The most likable artists seem always to be the ones like Natasha Blackwood, who have their ears and eyes on the streets. She shows it in the music video for her new single “Pleading Guilty.” The song comes from her album Love Songs for Good Machines, set for release on May 31st.

The video gives you a glimpse of the singer-songwriter’s small-town upbringing. It brings you right into her reality since childhood, growing up in the working-class town of Stephenville, Newfoundland. That reality was a significant influence on the recording of this album, something she describes as “love letters to the working class.”

Discussing her new single, Blackwood tells us:

“I’ve heard a few people call ‘Pleading Guilty’ a breakup song, but it’s not actually about that, it’s about housing. I guess we tried to show that with this video. There are so many people who just can’t find a suitable place to live. I heard someone say once that the average person is one mistake away from losing their home, and that really stuck with me. We all make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve a safe place to live. Two things can be true at once, we can be imperfect, and we can be worthy.”

The songs on Love Songs for Good Machines are all stories about regular, everyday people. The album focuses on those people and their attempt to find meaning in their day-to-day lives. It acknowledges the challenges of navigating life in a post-capitalist society and how, despite it all, we are all just doing our best to find love and light. Sometimes we find it, but sometimes it proves to be elusive.

Natasha Blackwood “Pleading Guilty” single artwork

Natasha Blackwood “Pleading Guilty” single artwork

Unlike her 2020 debut, Ease Back, Blackwood’s sophomore effort is more of a jazz record. Featuring the right amount of pop sensibilities, the songs are rooted within modern-day folk stories well known within Newfoundland. Thematically, they lean on overarching themes like labour, love, and resilience. These factors have all influenced Blackwood’s emergence as a musician. She didn’t release Ease Back until 36, which is obviously on the older side for any musician. But Blackwood is ok with being a late bloomer as she feels more established and prepared to be the songwriter she always knew she was capable of being.

Love Songs for Good Machines Track Listing:

1. Who is it For
2. Home to Me
3. Pleading Guilty
4. The Doctor
5. Good Machines
6. Melita
7. Happy Anniversary
8. Like me now
9. How Long
10. Women’s Lullaby

Natasha Blackwood ‘Love Songs for Good Machines’ album artwork

Natasha Blackwood ‘Love Songs for Good Machines’ album artwork