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Landmvrks Whip Up a Storm at the Manchester O2 Ritz [Photos]

French metallers Landmvrks whip up their own musical storm at a near sold-out O2 Ritz. Check out the photo gallery from the show here…



Landmvrks, photo by Maryleen Photography

Across Manchester, the weather was unleashing the full force of it’s rage as a torrential rainstorm brought carnage to the city. Trains were cancelled, gigs were pulled including PVRIS who were due to headline in the city tonight, venues flooded, even Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United saw flooding.

However, it wasn’t only the weather which was unleashing it’s fury on Manchester as Marseille metallers Landmvrks caused absolute carnage at the O2 Ritz where they were headlining their biggest Manchester show to date. In town on their ‘Creature Tour’, the French band whipped up a fury at a near sold-out O2 Ritz and, for a moment, the storm brewing outside was almost forgotten.

Our photographer Maryleen Photography battled through to the O2 Ritz to bring this awesome gallery of the headliners but, before you check out the gallery, here’s their set-list.

Set List:

1. Creature
2. Death
3. Blistering
4. Say No Word
5. Visage
6. Tired of It All
7. Scars
8. Suffocate
9. Hollow
10. Rainfall
11. Les Vagues
12. Lost in a Wave
13. Self-Made Black Hole