There are so many preconceived notions of how we should live our lives or even how we should proceed with our careers, so it’s a good thing we have artists like Kaycie Satterfield to buck those trends. Today, Satterfield reveals her new single, “Dog Year,” via Earth Libraries. It’s a smooth indie pop jam with touches of rock and psychedelia that shows much artistic growth.

Both at her most honest and captivating, Satterfield discusses the process of maturing after a relationship gone lost. The concepts of love and connection are very important to the LA-based artist. This has been an ongoing exploration for Satterfield, and she continues it here on “Dog Year.”

With some comments on the single, Satterfield states:

“Quantum physics tells us that we cannot measure a particle’s speed and location at the same time. It seems so linear for some people; get the job, get married, have kids. Queerness distorts the timeline. It’s like existing in a parallel universe. When was I supposed to arrive? Have I? As the cliché goes, time is a healer.

“No matter what invisible plane of reality you exist within as you’re sitting at the bar, time is turning the wounds to scars and the scars into stories you’ll tell the person next to you. Every cell in your body replaces itself every seven years. That means that I’ve been an entirely different person than the one that you knew for two years, three months and eleven days.”

Satterfield is looking to finish the year up strong after the February release of her debut EP Sweet Tooth. That record helped emphasize her place as an up-and-coming songwriter. She shows a great ability to infuse her songwriting with a bevy of emotions representative of the human experience. Satterfield is a great observer of the world in which we live, musing on anger, rage, acceptance, and uncertainty.

She is thankful to have her songwriting career back after an injury almost derailed everything. In 2020, she suffered a traumatic wrist injury that led her more toward the production side of things. Fortunately, her wrist recovered, and she has become a much sought-after session musician. Her work has taken her to many places, notably Nashville, Los Angeles, New York, and Austin. Now Satterfield is happily harnessing her own songwriting career, charmingly carving out her own little niche. It may be clichéd, but good things come to those who wait, and that’s again the case with Kaycie Satterfield.

Kaycie Satterfield “Dog Year” single artwork
Kaycie Satterfield “Dog Year” single artwork