In my mind, there are legends of rock that I would never be able to witness because they’ve broken up and are no longer playing. Some of those legends are Minor Threat, Fugazi, and Pantera. These have always been instrumental bands in the world of music, and I was so sad that I would never be able to see them play live.

Well, that changed when it was announced earlier this year that the remaining members of Pantera would be getting back together and finally touring again. My heavy metal heart was aflutter, and I knew I had to see them when they came near me. I was in luck that they would be coming less than two hours from me and playing in Rogers, Arkansas, at the Walmart AMP.

Finally, the day had come, and I ventured out there not really knowing what to expect. Will these guys still have it after being broken up for so long? Will there still be a crowd, and a desire to see these guys tear it up on stage? So many questions that I was eagerly waiting to get answered. Well, I was in luck because all of those got answered with an astounding yes.

First off, the fans were rabid and plentiful. I’m pretty sure they sold out the venue, which is no easy task. You could really tell they were hyped to be there. Pantera, also had amazing energy themselves. One could really see how passionate they were as a band, and just how insanely talented they are still after all of these years. 

Some of the other parts of the show I loved were the dedication they had to past members who tragically passed away. You could really feel that the band was playing in honor of them (Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell). The drum covers even had their faces on them.

If you get a chance, you should definitely check out Pantera if they hit a city near you. It’s a dream that many people have had, and they definitely live up to the hype.