Multi-faceted R&B singer-songwriter, soul artist, and Reiki healer Brandon Vee knows all too well the challenge of measuring up to the standards society sets for people based on stereotypes. His newest single and music video, out today, “Java Love,” speaks directly to women of colour to empower them to ignore the pressure society places to “be a certain way” and to live true to themselves.

Vee describes that as a Black and Latino man, “Being accepted in certain situations such as intimacy, but just as easily being dismissed in other scenarios” is a vicious cycle that society has supported time and time again. The lyrical metaphor in “Java Love” highlights the societal issue of hyper-sexualization in the media, especially for women of colour. Drawing a comparison to coffee, the lyrics, “Coffee you are my happiness straight black with no additives” and “Caution that you’re hot, but I know you’re not, they just want to put the label on” point to the notion of media continuously trying to take women of colour and make them ‘palatable’ for others by lightening their skin, hiding their curves, or altering how they speak.

Vee continues to explain that often, “…Women of color get labeled as ‘sassy’ or ‘angry black women’ when they try to express themselves or stand up for themselves. My goal for this new single was to empower women of color and remind them that they seen, heard, acknowledged, and celebrated from one person of color to another.” Overall, this track acts as a celebration of differences and a reminder of love above all of the challenges in this world.

Brooklyn, NY, native Brandon Vee fuses the energy of hip-hop with the classic melodies of R&B and Jazz to create a funk-inspired aura and sound. Brandon started his lyrical journey at 10 when he started writing poetry to express complex feelings of heaviness and discomfort. Brandon continues to use music as a medium of self-discovery and healing, intertwining the boundaries of his worldly perspectives with personal growth.

Brandon Vee creates a unique and powerful sound with his music, carrying listeners through storylines of spirituality, introspection, and self-discovery. Vee draws inspiration from diverse yet legendary artists such as J. Cole, Childish Gambino, and Funkadelic. In 2022, Brandon Vee performed alongside famous artists such as Meg The Stallion, Denzel Curry, EarthGang, and more, inspiring him to showcase his new music on a live platform more often. Brandon is dedicated to themes of challenge and healing within his newest album, Revolution Of The Soul, which was released on April 28th, 2023.

Brandon Vee
Brandon Vee

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