As an artist and a musician, Annie Omalley is on the rise. Much of that is not just due to her talents but her ability to outwork the competition, as her career so accurately illustrates. She has been a consistent presence on the indie pop circuit since her debut single in 2018, and much more so since things began to simmer down with the pandemic. She has released several singles this year, including the most recent “told yew so” and “11th Hour,” and then “Klose the Door,” which is just about to drop. Last year saw the release of her album Skrapbook, followed by the koldest season earlier this year, with another new album on the way. Titled all the things that skare me, O’Malley is finishing up the album, which will be released in 2024.

That’s a lot of new music, which is consistent with the young singer-songwriter’s upstart attitude. Raised outside of Chicago and now residing in Los Angeles, Annie O’Malley uses songwriting to explore her inner child, with songs of innocence of topics such as birthday parties, love, loss, and even ice cream. She has referred to her style of music as “temper tantrum pop,” which is a combination of hyperpop, drum & bass, and classic singer-songwriter elements and tendencies.

Today, we chat with Annie O’Malley about her new music, this temper tantrum pop genre she has developed, her strong social media presence, and more.

Congrats on your upcoming single, “Klose the Door.” What can we expect from the single, and how is it different from your previous single “11th Hour?”

Annie Omalley: “Thank yew so much! ‘klose the door’ is the first single off what will be my sophomore album. This song is the start of a new era, and I am really proud of it. There are similarities to ‘11th hour,’ like tempo, energy, and even some of the storyline. However, I feel it’s different because of how detailed the lyrics are and the production style.”

You’ve coined the term Temper Tantrum Pop. What’s the story with that?

“When writing this album, I wanted to create a list of genres that I made up that would perfectly describe it. This album talks a lot about my inner child, and some songs are written from that perspective. Temper tantrums seem like a child is acting out, but oftentimes they just don’t know how to communicate, so they scream and cry. I think that’s a beautiful thing because they emote instantly rather than suppressing it like some of us are taught to do throughout growing up.

“It’s essentially pop, with a lot of passion and emotion. I think when everyone hears it they will totally see what I mean.”

Annie Omalley ‘Klose The Door’ album artwork
Annie Omalley ‘Klose The Door’ album artwork

You have been absolutely crushing it on social media. Is that thanks to your music or something completely different? Anything special you can attribute to your success on platforms like Tik-Tok?

“I really appreciate yew saying that because social media is a full-time job and can get frustrating at times. I have been video editing since I was nine years old, so I really enjoy that part of it. I like getting creative with it, and I hope that comes through in the content. The biggest thing is consistency. Just keep making content, and make stuff that yew would actually watch, and don’t overthink it just post it.”

That said, do you feel social media is just as important as PR and playlists for artists these days?

“I think it’s all important. I think social media helps more people see who yew are and what yew are doing. But if yew are still unsure about yewre image, sound, and brand, other people will have a harder time digesting it. That’s why being authentic is so important because that will come across the best. Yew need good music, as well as good content, as well as a good mindset, and PR helps, too. It’s so many things, and there really isn’t a right or wrong. Just keep trying and see what works.”

Tell us about working with producer Nydge and mixer Catalyst. What made you collaborate with them, and what makes them stand out?

“Great question. I love them so much, Nydge is a phenomenal producer, and his talent and ideas constantly blow me away. JJ has been mixing my records for about a year and a half and will continue to do so. He cares about my art almost as much as I do, and that is so important when yew are choosing to work with people. Surrounding yewreself with people who believe in the vision and see the long-term goal will take the records from good to great.”

Do you have any upcoming shows or tours in support of “Klose the Door?”

“I haven’t announced anything yet, but I’m working on it and will let everyone know as soon as possible. Be sure to follow me on socials to be updated!”