Just as the summer begins to close, Dracula Jackson has released his newest single, “Dreams”—a modern rock ballad showcasing Jackson’s ability to deliver memorably heartfelt melodies.

Dracula Jackson is the moniker of Sean Jackson. He writes, arranges, and performs all aspects of his music in his home studio, Butcher Room Studios. “Dreams” opens with solid guitar rhythm as Jackson laments lost love. Jackson’s classical piano training shines through with intricate and impressive piano solos throughout the song. The chorus lives up to the title of the piece with its ethereal synthesized production and haunting harmonies. The song’s contemplative and empathetic theme is the perfect feel for the end of summer.

Dracula Jackson claims inspiration from the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Rush. This blend creates a timeless stylization to his approach, which is evident in the music. In addition to that, Dracula Jackson is no stranger to the world of music. He has released three other stellar albums, Landmine, Together, and his fun and reminiscent reproduction of the Beatles classic, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. “Dreams” is a tantalizing tease that will get you hungry for the upcoming full album release, Shadow of a Ghost, coming later this fall.

“Dreams” is available on all streaming platforms—take some time to listen today and stay tuned for the full album release around the corner!

"Dreams" by Dracula Jackson
“Dreams” by Dracula Jackson