Focused, committed, and with his sights firmly set on what’s ahead, Angus Gill has reached another milestone. Today marks the premiere of his new music video for “You Wouldn’t Steal A Heart.” It follows up the recent release of his “Something Fishy,” “Little Green Man,” and “Crying Out for Love” video clips.

Each new video comes in anticipation of the release of his brand new studio record, Departure & Arrival. Gill has goals, and he’s not about to let anyone stand in his way, as evidenced by his remarkable musical output and work ethic to churn out four music videos in one month.

Discussing the writing of the song, Gill offers:

“‘You Wouldn’t Steal a Heart” was the second song Billy Miller and I wrote together. I really enjoy working with Billy, because I get to focus on being the lyricist, while he’s the composer. There’s a lot of guitar playing and cups of tea involved in our writing sessions. When we got into the studio, Billy encouraged me to play the solo and the leads on this song.”

At just the age of 25, Gill is already an extremely experienced, attentive, and self-assured individual. He has previously been categorized as a country artist, but he is eager to show listeners that he is so much more than that. These previously released singles would indicate that he is much more versatile, with their eclectic, wide-ranging flair and appeal. Departure & Arrival certainly has some country elements to it, but writing a country record was not Gill’s goal when he set out to compose it. There’s a lot of rock, classic pop, and ’70s folk that you’ll find within these songs, as they mark a real evolution for an artist who was already releasing music at the age of 14, and writing songs when he was 9.

There’s a long road ahead, and Gill feels like he is just at the beginning, so he’d more than welcome it if you came along for the ride.

Angus Gill “You Wouldn’t Steal A Heart” single artwork
Angus Gill “You Wouldn’t Steal A Heart” single artwork