Bronson (born Ariyan Arslani), is a ubiquitous gourmet chef,  TV personality and writer that became a rap sensation from Flushing, Queens. He’s known for his bold energy, his vibrant yet likable persona and the humor he brings as he’s spitting rhymes about his favorite cuisine, sketchy scenarios and the occasional jabs at himself.

The last time he performed at the State Theatre was in April of 2015, and judging by the eruption in excitement as he made his way on stage this past Saturday night, everyone was eager for another night with Dr. Bachlava. He serenaded the crowd with his vast catalog, including some fan favorites such as “Baby Blue,” “Latin Grammy’s,” “Live From the Moon,” and “Triple Backflip,” while pulling off some stellar yet hilarious moves and facial expressions. He periodically picked up instruments such as the tambourine and cowbell and joined his bandmates in the improvisation of many of his tracks. It was all enhanced by the chants of shirtless individuals in the front row reciting every lyric right along with him.

I have been fortunate to attend and document numerous Bronson shows over the years, but watching him, backed by a live band, The Human Growth Hormone, was one for the books. They enhanced the entire performance and were very welcoming as I made their portraits after the show. Action, on his way out, made his way into the sea of fans awaiting his exit and proved why he was a true “Man of the people,” signing autographs on clothing and bodies and taking pics with every fan that asked.


Isaac Remsen is a professional photographer living and working in Mid-Coast Maine. Isaac's passion for photography began when he traveled to Costa Rica in the summer of 2009 with Outward Bound. After enrolling in several Maine Media Workshops he studied international street photography in Paris, France and Buenos Aires, Argentina with world-renowned photographer Peter Turnley. Isaac continued his studies and graduated from The New England School of Photography in Boston, MA. 

In Maine, Isaac has had a long association with architectural photographer Brian Vanden Brink. Isaac enjoys photographing events, concerts, people and anything happening in the northeast and beyond. His work has been featured in numerous publications including The Boston Globe, Downeast Magazine, local newspapers and many popular music websites and blogs. His images have been featured in two international selling hip-hop albums. Isaac continues to push the boundaries of digital photography technically while capturing the moment.