Los Angeles-based Chinese-American pop artist Raylee Forest releases her brand-new single, “Mask,” an appetizer from her upcoming EP.

Originally from China but now splitting time between SoCal and Vancouver, Raylee Forest’s sound merges the classical elements of Beethoven and Chopin with savors of East Asian pop and touches of contemporary pop flavors, suggesting Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and Avril Lavigne.

Utilizing unusual song structures, unexpected chord progressions, and a distinctive production style, Forest’s music is not easily pigeonholed because it embraces the rawness of rock, soulful rhythms, elements of hip-hop, and EDM.

“Mask” rolls out on emerging Chopin-like tones flowing into a pop rhythm tinted with touches of hip-hop as Forest’s rapping-lite vocals blend shades of sing-song surfaces with Broadway-tinged character singing, resulting in avant-garde expression.

Opera-like harmonies, luminous strings, and a sparkling piano imbue the melody with suggestions of classical innuendos, which, when combined with hints of hip-hop and pop, saturate the tune in an innovative sonic motion at once rococo and singularly seductive.

Full of a variety of stylistic aromas, there’s a delicious minimalist feel to “Mask,” highlighted by the fabulous, morphing vocals of Raylee Forest.

Raylee Forest, photo by Johnny Liao
Raylee Forest, photo by Johnny Liao

Run Time: 2:26
Release Date: August 2, 2023
Record Label: Independent