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Todd Morse of The Offspring Premieres His “Screaming Babies” Music Video

Today Todd Morse (The Offspring bassist) reveals the music video to his new solo single, “Screaming Babies,” off his ‘Time Stopper’ EP, out now via Manic Kat Records.



Todd Morse in 2022, courtesy of Todd Morse

Screaming babies can be bad, but sometimes the adults can be even worse, something Todd Morse is coming to realize in his latest release. Today, The Offspring bassist reveals the accompanying music video to his new solo single, “Screaming Babies,” off his new Time Stopper EP, out now via Manic Kat Records.

This is something of a renaissance for Morse, an investment in himself as an artist, a time for him to focus on his own creative output. What he’s delivering is his own unique hook-heavy, melodic punk anthems that sound both current and authentic.

Regarding his new single, Morse laughably comments:

“I’ve been traveling for long enough to have transitioned from the single guy getting annoyed by the screaming babies, to being a dad and having empathy for the innocents and zero patience for the whining, un-empathetic adults.”

It’s been an impressive three-decade career for Morse that continues to see the bassist and songwriter deliver new career highlights. He has been playing with The Offspring since 2009 and became an official member in 2019. Before that, he was a primary member of the New York City punk fixtures H2O with his brother Toby Morse.

Todd Morse “Screaming Babies” single artwork

Todd Morse “Screaming Babies” single artwork

In 2022, he signed with Manic Kat to build off the momentum he had built as a solo artist with his 2019 record Late Bloomer. Time Stopper is a potent blend of punk and rock, melodic as ever, with one anthemic track after another. It’s a musical celebration of the artists of Todd Morse’s youth, like The Clash, Tom Petty, and The Rolling Stones.

The songs celebrate youth and innocence and encourage you to maintain that youthful enthusiasm that yearns to experience new things. It’s an important record for Todd Morse, coming at a critical time, and it really shows that despite all of his mainstream success, he is an artist still very much comfortable in being the most honest version of himself.

Todd Morse ‘Time Stopper’ album artwork

Todd Morse ‘Time Stopper’ album artwork