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George Ezra Brings Joy to Fans at The Piece Hall in Halifax [Photos]

BRIT-award-winning George Ezra brought a smile to the face of fans at The Piece Hall in Halifax. Check out photos from the show here.



George Ezra live in Halifax by Frank Ralph Photography

George Ezra has his critics, and to be honest, in the past, I have been one of them. But, filling a venue like The Piece Hall with the widest demographic I’ve ever seen at a show with fans from 8 to 80 enjoying the concert proves he is definitely doing something right.

Taking the stage with massive grins (and copious amounts of denim), he and his band all look like they’re having the time of their lives and their enthusiasm is infectious, with the audience reciprocating to create an unbelievable atmosphere in this unique venue.

His rich vocals filled the Piece Hall as he opened with “Anyone for You (Tiger Lily)” and “Cassy O.” As with many of his tracks, they offer easily singable choruses that the crowd lap up and join in with. With a brass section and guitarists adding oomph to the music, it sounds a lot fuller and more robust than it does on record.

“Hold My Girls” sounded soulful and “Green Green Grass” provided one of the biggest singalongs of the night.


This was the first of two sold-out shows the BRIT award winner will play in Halifax having sold the first out within minutes.

The whole set sounds like a best-of track listing, and the closing four songs, “Paradise,” “Budapest,” “Dance all over Mem” and “Shotgun,” close out a solid, entertaining night that will be as much the talk of school playgrounds as coffee shops, or wherever else us old people hang out, in the morning.

As I mentioned earlier, I have in the past been a critic of George, but in the space of 12 songs pulled from his three No.1 albums, he did change my opinion. Not so much blowing me away, but definitely changing my preconceptions of him, and with the clear amount of joy on display in the crowd I’m obviously in the minority. Find more info on George Ezra’s official website.