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The Throwbacks Premiere the Music Video for Their Lively Cover of “I’m A Believer”

The Throwbacks premiere the music video for their cover of “I’m A Believer,” originally performed by The Monkees and written by Neil Diamond.



The Throwbacks, courtesy of The Throwbacks

There’s a certain delicate art when it comes to cover songs, and it’s an art that The Throwbacks have managed to harness with their new track “I’m A Believer.” This is, of course, the band’s take on the classic pop staple, originally performed by The Monkees and written by Neil Diamond.

If you’ll notice, the video presentation is intentionally reminiscent (and something of a spoof) of the look and the way in which ’60s bands like The Monkees would perform on stage. It’s a bit punked up as compared to the original, with the guitars rocking louder and the drums pounding harder, but it’s still got that loose, fluffy dancefloor feel of the original.

Commenting on the single, the band states:

“The song ‘I’m a Believer’ was originally performed by The Monkees and written by Neil Diamond is a quintessential oldies song. It was an easy choice for us as it’s one of the most recognizable songs from an era where love songs were at their best and rock and roll was at its loudest.”

For those of you who aren’t aware, covers are actually essentially what The Throwbacks are all about. They are a pop-punk cover trio out of Chicago whose goal is to infuse fun and life into old songs by giving them a modern facelift. You’ll find “I’m A Believer” and many other fresh takes on old classics on the band’s new Shake My Nerves record, that’s due out later this month. Featuring ten tracks, you’ll find new versions of some of the most cherished old-time rock songs, including classics by The Rolling Stones, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Beatles, The Temptations, and more. Each song is reimagined with a contemporary punk rock spin.


Far from just some novelty act, The Throwbacks are passionate about what they do, and their focus and musicianship enable them to take well-known songs and make them their own, with their own unique style and energy.

Shake My Nerves Track Listing:

1. Jump Jive and Wail
2. Great Balls of Fire
3. I’m A Believer
4. Jumpin Jack Flash
5. Little Bitty Pretty One
6. Let’s Go To The Hop
7. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
8. I Think We’re Alone Now
9. My Girl
10. Rock Around The Clock

The Throwbacks “I’m A Believer” single artwork

The Throwbacks “I’m A Believer” single artwork