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Put these Underground Metal Bands at Armstrong MetalFest 2023 on Your Radar!

You’ve got to take note of these must-see underground acts who are playing Armstrong MetalFest 2023 in just a few days!



Armstrong MetalFest 2023

Armstrong MetalFest is happening on July 14th and 15th in Armstrong, BC, with the beautiful backdrop of the Canadian Rockies in the Okanagan Valley. While you can get a preview of this year’s 2023 lineup with Warbringer, Fallujah, Entreprise Earth, The Zenith Passage, Vale of Pnath, Striker and more by checking out the festival’s Spotify playlist below, we thought we’d give you more details on some of the must-see underground acts. Check it out…

Nomad (Okanagan, BC)

Okanagan local Nomad has three vocalists creating a unique sound that is powerful, complex, and full-bodied. They have solidified their name in the local scene with festival appearances and supporting big-name acts, and now they are stoked to have their debut album, The Mountain, ready for ears around the world. Mastered by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy).

Tymo (Edmonton, AB)


Edmonton thrash attack TYMO unleashed their new album, The Art Of A Maniac, in February 2022. Throughout The Art Of A Maniac, listeners will find a common theme of destruction and chaos, lyrically and musically, as the album moves through very fast riffs, shreddy solos and thick angry vocals. TYMO touches on subjects of mental illness, alien invasion, civil conflicts, social media, substance abuse and the comedy of Rick & Morty. They are recommended for fans of Lich King, Municipal Waste and Exodus.

Atavistia (Vancouver, BC)

Epic Melodic Death Metal band from Vancouver, Canada. The band dropped their masterful album Cosmic Warfare in April 2023.

Param-Nesia (Vancouver, BC)


Param-Nesia is a 5 piece Melodic Death Metal Band from Vancouver, BC. Check them out on Spotify here.

Truent (Vancouver, BC)

Born in a small town outside of Vancouver, BC, Truent is an exhilarating Canadian metal act on the rise. Combining massive riffs, head-spinning technicality, and sharp songwriting, Truent has crafted a crushing brand of groove-laden progressive death metal that is uniquely their own.

Our Last Crusade (Calgary, AB)


Our Last Crusade hails from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and utilizes extended-range instruments to craft its take on modern deathcore. They have their third album, Death Wins, ready for listeners, and the band suggests that it is their most complete work to date with a dialled-in sound that should see fans moshing in their living rooms.

Death Wins is a compilation of stories (either from books, movies, mythology, or original fiction that vocalist Adrian Parcioaga came up with) in which humanity in some shape or form is trying to defeat, control, or master death, trying to outwit their own mortality, but in each case, death inevitably wins. Sonically, you’ll hear the Our Last Crusade signature sound – modern, punchy, percussive guitars, ambient leads, with plenty of grooves, breakdowns, and riffs galore.

If you’ve yet to get your tickets, then find them here:

Prices are as follows:


– Pre-sales $179.99 (Until July 12th)
– Door sales weekend pass $219.99
– One-day admission $119.99

Get your blood running and get mosh pit-ready!

Armstrong MetalFest 2023 Lineup:

Warbringer (Los Angeles, CA)
Fallujah (San Francisco, CA)
Enterprise Earth (Spokane, WA)
The Zenith Passage (Los Angeles, CA)
Vale of Pnath (Denver, CO)
Striker (Edmonton, AB)
Golers (Vancouver, BC)
Wormwitch (Vancouver, BC)
Greyhawk (Seattle, WA)
Pound (Seattle, WA)
The Hallowed Catharsis (Vancouver, BC)
Empress (Vancouver, BC)
Blackwater Burial (Vancouver, BC)
Liminal Shroud (Victoria, BC)
Atavistia (Vancouver, BC)
Truent (Vancouver, BC)
Nomad (Okanagan, BC)
Tymo (Edmonton, AB)
Our Last Crusade (Calgary, AB)
Traceless Dimensions (Kelowna, BC)
Bogue Brigade (Edmonton, AB)
Thousand Arrows (Vancouver, BC)
No More Moments (Siksika Nation, AB)
Storm The Empire (Kelowna, BC)
Blackthrone Ascension (Vancouver, BC)
Cranial Fungus (Okanagan, BC)
Bleak Valley (Kamloops, BC)
Param-Nesia (Vancouver, BC)


Armstrong MetalFest 2023 poster

Armstrong MetalFest 2023 poster

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