Electronic music production duo, The Shamanic recently dropped their new EP, Traces and Spaces, Vol.1.

Made up of Ralphi Rosario and Craig J. Snider, the pair contributed music to HBO’s hit series, Sex and the City and have remixed a who’s who of artists, including Lady Gaga, U2, The Pussycat Dolls, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Beyoncé, Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan, Katy Perry, Madonna, and Cher.

On Traces and Spaces, Vol. 1, The Shamanic merges stylish flavours of house music with hints of jazz, pop, and disco, forming a sound ranging from chill to hard-hitting, yet always plush and vibrant.

Encompassing seven tracks, the EP opens with “Dead Mouse House,” featuring an extended bassline and oscillating synths riding a pushing dance rhythm. Streaming washes of coloration imbue the tune with shimmering tones.

Highlights include “Far Away,” featuring the gorgeously dreamy vocals of Simbryt Dortsch, whose velvety tones give the song creamy, wistful surfaces, simultaneously sensuous and alluringly tantalizing as if beckoning to an absent lover.

Drenched in a fat, Chicago House bassline, “FK Always – Extended Remix” projects a deliciously potent rhythm, topped by an erotic flute underscored by skiffing keyboards.

The Shamanic, photo courtesy of The Shamanic
The Shamanic, photo courtesy of The Shamanic

A personal favourite, “Fire – Radio Mix,” initially travels on classic surfaces, followed by moussing up to a muscular house rhythm blended with Donna Summer-like tangs of heady disco vibes. Andrea Love’s grand voice imbues the lyrics with rich energy and stirring timbres.

At times gracefully melodic, at other times thrumming with exhilarating immensity, Traces and Spaces, Vol. 1 pulsates with giddy sonic pleasures.

Traces and Spaces, Vol. 1 Track Listing:

1. Dead Mouse Houe
2. Far Away
3. Dweedo Track
4. FK Always – Extended Mix
5. Batucada
6. Fire – Radio Mix
7. Fire – Charlie Lane Radio Remix

Run Time: 37:12
Release Date: June 23, 2023
Record Label: Wake Up Music