A lot of the best rock n’ roll is the most vintage rock n’ roll, like what is being served up today by Jesse Ray & The Carolina Catfish and their brand new song “Sweet Like Sugar!”

This new single stays true to the classical fundamentals of blues rock; it’s hard-driving, bouncy, and rough, and speaks to the more southern roots of the genre. It’s also quite spirited, dirty, and a little bit rowdy, like many of the classic blues rock anthems had in common.

Based out of Gran Rapids, Michigan, the duo, consisting of guitarist and singer Jesse Ray Cahue and drummer Paul Jensen, are gearing up for the release of their brand new album Sick-N-Tired on September 29th via Onama Records.

Discussing “Sweet Like Sugar” and how it fits into the new album, Cahue tells us:

“It all started with a simple finger-picked line, and a primal need for my wife whenever I was on the road. Desire meets desperation in reading between the lines of the lyrics. ‘Sweet like Sugar’ is the perfect track to introduce this new record. It’s raw, unfiltered, blues-driven rock n’ roll, oozing with sexual desire.

“This desperate blues song with crazed vocal energy is only the beginning of what listeners can expect of our upcoming release. The sound is shamelessly seething with sexual passion in the style of the godfathers of early rock n’ roll.”

Over the years since their inception a decade ago, Cahue and Jensen have established themselves as an in-your-face vintage rock act that stays true to the early principles of the genre. Cahue has been recognized for his powerful, distinctive vocal style, which is reminiscent of the approach of the early rockabilly crooners. It’s a style that translates well to a live setting, where this duo has really made the most lasting impression on their fanbase.

Sick-N-Tired was recorded this past March at Analog Time Machine Studios in Montague, Michigan, with the intention to make a classic-sounding record but with a more aggressive, growling guitar approach. Following the album’s release, the guys will set out on an extensive tour throughout the U.S., affirming that the spirit of blues rock is alive and well and will continue to be as long as they have a say in the matter.

Jesse Ray & The Carolina Catfish “Sweet Like Sugar” single artwork
Jesse Ray & The Carolina Catfish “Sweet Like Sugar” single artwork

Tour Dates:

06/18 – The Deck – Muskegon, MI
06/23 – Holland Summer Concert Series – Holland, MI
06/24 – Sideyard – Sawyer, MI
06/30 – Old Dog – Kalamazoo, MI
07/01 – Smiling Acres Music Festival – Trufant, MI
07/22 – Dark Horse Brewing – Marshall, MI
08/09 – The Deck – Muskegon, MI
08/16 – Black Circle – Indianapolis, IN
08/17 – TBA
08/18 – NightShop – Bloomington, IL
08/19 – Old Dog – Kalamazoo, MI
08/21 – Albion Malleable Brewing Company – Albion, MI
08/26 – HollerFest – Brooklyn, MI
08/27 – Return To The River Fest – Grand Rapids, MI
09/29 – Billy’s Lounge – Grand Rapids, MI
09/30 – Appleton Beer Factory – Appleton, WI
10/01 – TBA – Chicago, IL
10/02 – The Lift – Dubuque, IA
10/04 – Natalie’s Grand View – Columbus, OH
10/05 – TBA
10/06 – CODA – Cleveland, OH
10/07 – The Coterie – Kokomo, IN
10/08 – The Ruin – Fort Wayne, IN
10/13 – The Westside Bowl – Youngstown, OH
10/27 – Workshop Brewing – Traverse City, MI
10/28 – Bells Brewing – Kalamazoo, MI
11/03 – TBA – Grand Rapids, MI
11/04 – Royal Oak Bourbon Fest – Royal Oak, MI
11/08 – Duffy’s – Lincoln, NB
11/10 – Elray’s Live and Dive – Iowa City, IA
11/11 – TBA
11/12 – TBA
11/15 – TBA
11/16 – TBA
11/17 – The Blue Canoe – Tupelo, MS
11/18 – The Nick – Birmingham, AL
11/19 – TBA
12/02 – The Starlight Room – Muskegon, MI