It’s easier said than done to reinvent something, but that’s what Sean McVerry is up to with his new project TELECOM and his debut single “Ramon.” Accompanied by a simple but effective music video, “Ramon” is the ideal introduction to McVerry’s ode to the long-gone era of 1960s Brit Pop, a very different version than the use of the term popularized to describe bands like Oasis and Blur in the 1990s.

This is a cheerier, poppier, more go-lucky type of sound, reminiscent of a time when there wasn’t such a focus on what the kids think is cool or hip. McVerry is focused on the bottom line, just pumping out songs that are fun, upbeat, and charming.

Discussing the single and how it came along, McVerry tells us:

“‘Ramon’ began with a free piano from Craigslist. After mining a ’70s drum break from my vinyl collection, I laid down the initial cassette-tape demo of the song. The track thumps along a hypnotic groove, as the speaker romanticizes the cat in the courtyard, and the introspection that comes with isolation.”

McVerry has had a notable and diverse career as a musician. Well-known within New York City and the surrounding area, the Brooklyn-based artist has worked with Karen O, Danger Mouse, AURORA, and some of J Cole’s team at his Dreamville record label. He also recently found himself on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon during an Instant Songwriter segment.

This TELECOM project is a specific and deliberate venture into a genre that he has wanted to immerse himself in for some time. It’s classic pop with a modern indie attitude. He is joined within TELECOM by guitarist Zeno Pittarelli, bassist Jonathan Sacca, and drummer Andres Valbuena. As now a more full-fledged band, McVerry and his mates will continue to wander to musical places that others dare not to.

TELECOM “Ramon” single artwork
TELECOM “Ramon” single artwork