Japanese pop artist samayuzame and Montreal’s SOMBRA have collaborated to release the single “Euphoric Escape.” Originally inspired by the dreamlike world of Wong Kar-Wai’s “In the Mood for Love,” the song evokes a fantastical, oriental atmosphere.

The contrasting male and female vocals (sung in both English and Japanese) vividly depict the mind in a fugue state, separated from reality into illusion. The artists relate this existence to the process of songwriting and how it essentially becomes an escape from daily monotony.

The song highlights both artists’ unique musical styles complement each other, and together they create a sound that’s difficult to define. SOMBRA’s heavy-hitting drums, bass riffs and arpeggiating synths collide with samayuzame’s whimsical textures, angelic vocals and her distinctly melancholic take on traditional J-pop melodies.

Artwork for the single “Euphoric Escape” by SOMBRA and samayuzame
Artwork for the single “Euphoric Escape” by SOMBRA and samayuzame

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