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Mike Bern Releases Full-Length Album ‘Ancestors’



Mike Bern, from Tobique Nation, New Brunswick, is an accomplished musical artist who gained valuable musical experience performing with award-winning bands such as Kickin Krotch and District Avenue. Mike’s solo career speaks to his musical excellence and his deep connection to his indigenous roots, drawing inspiration from Chris Otepka, Frankie Miller, and Ben Schneider.

His latest album, Ancestors, showcases his signature raspy, rock vocals that blend seamlessly with traditional acoustic folk melodies. Among the tracks, “no words for goodbye” stands out as a poignant ballad to the importance of relationships in Mike’s life and the inevitability of loss. The song opens with a captivating chord progression that continues in an ostinato-like manner throughout. The lyrics eloquently convey the bittersweet way that relationships can drift apart, while still retaining hope that they can come back together. Featuring an intricate and upbeat instrumental bridge, the song culminates on a positive note.

Family is everything to me. It breathes through me.

Mike attributes much of his inspiration to his family. “Family is everything to me. It breathes through me. It is my light that shines so brightly. It is what keeps me in line. It makes me do what I do. Family that are living to my Ancestors that have gone before, that paved my way for me to do this wonderful journey called music.”

Ancestors is available on Spotify and all other streaming platforms. Don’t miss this opportunity to listen.