Ukrainian pop singer-songwriter and refugee Natisa Gogol recently released her poignant new single/music video, “Wind of Hope,” a song inspired by fleeing Kyiv with her son yet refusing to let go of hope.

Natisa shares, “All that was dear and important to me had to be left behind.”

In February 2022, Natisa was awaiting the release of her album, which was to be followed by a tour. Instead, she sat in a friend’s car in the small hours of the night, driving toward the Polish border and the city of Prague.

Once safely established in Prague, Natisa collaborated with U.S.-born, Prague-based producer Gregory Darling on “Wind of Hope.”

Originally from Dnipro in Ukraine, after graduating from the Kyiv Municipal Academy of Performing and Circus Arts, Natisa became a soloist for the state academic orchestra, where she collaborated with DJ Shiller and disco/funk outfit Boney M.

Opening on a graceful piano and sweeping strings, “Wind of Hope” flows into ebbing and rising layers of pop-rock, sighing vocals harmonies, and surging sonic dynamics. Ranging from soft and gentle to vibrant and soaring, Natisa’s gorgeous voice imbues the lyrics with impassioned, crystalline hues.

Natisa Gogol
Natisa Gogol

“The wind is blowing, the wind of hope / It’s enlightening our minds / It’s embracing our hearts / The wind is blowing, the wind of hope.”

Simultaneously majestic and heartbreaking, “Wind of Hope” unveils the opulent, enthralling vocals of Natisa Gogol. The woman can sing.

Run Time: 3:37
Release Date: February 23, 2023
Record Label: Andrii Pasichny