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Fog Chaser Premieres His Imaginative New Track “daydream”

When you hear artists like Fog Chaser, you realize words aren’t always necessary. Check out the new single “daydream,” a song loaded with passion, emotion, and intensity.



Fog Chaser, photo by Fog Chaser

Words are such a valuable aspect of modern music, but when you hear artists such as Fog Chaser, you realize they aren’t always necessary. As is found with the debut of his new single “daydream,” lyrics are often unnecessary to instill a song with passion, emotion, and intensity.

The brainchild of musician Matthew Evans, Fog Chaser (you’ve got to check out his SubStack here), is a specialist in writing dreamy, atmospheric, neoclassical, ambient music that hits you in all the right places. This is Evans’ passion, all rolled into one and focused squarely on making the most emotive music he can, inspired by his past and the challenges he has faced and triumphed over.

Discussing the creative and recording process for “daydream,” Evans tells us:

“This one started out as a simple piano piece, but after I sent it over to collaborators Kyle McEvoy (as Sunlight Jr.) and Wowflower it became the wobbly little lo-fi number it is today. The mellow slide guitar, crunchy beat, and delicate arpeggiated synths all contribute to the feeling of taking a slow walk through a daydream. The track officially releases on March 24th via Sonder House.”

More than just songs, Evans concentrates on every aspect of the songwriting and recording process. These are more compositions than conventional songs, dreamy neoclassical, ambient music that utilizes orchestral, acoustic, and electronic elements. This recording project was partially created as a reaction to a period of struggle with PTSD, contributed to by two traumatic brain injuries Evans experienced in 2018 and 2019. As you can imagine, these injuries took their toll on him and ushered in some very tough times.

But yet here he is, defying the odds, doing what he loves, and uniquely connecting with listeners. While he has only released a handful of songs, Evans’ music has etched out a nice spot within the world of instrumental music, with 400,000 streams in the last several months. So sit back, relax, and let Matthew Evans provide some much-needed sanctuary.

Fog Chaser “daydream” single artwork, by Fog Chaser

Fog Chaser “daydream” single artwork, by Fog Chaser