Perceptive and astute artists like VATTICA shine a little light on the mental health challenges that so many people confront each and every day. For many, the struggle is real, and most don’t even know about it. The project’s new single “BACK TO LIFE” is an unmistakable modern rock radio anthem, with a soaring chorus and an uplifting tone, encouraging those who are struggling to feel empowered and speak out.

It’s all driven by the self-motivated and resilient spirit of frontperson Alexander Millar. As a nonbinary queer activist they have had to endure their own obstacles in life, and “BACK TO LIFE” is like that helping hand they are extending out to those who could use one. Get more info here:

Telling us more about their motivations and perspective in penning this tune, Millar states:

“‘BACK TO LIFE’ is about struggling with mental health, specifically OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), and how mental states can be all-consuming. The first two-thirds of the song is written from the perspective of OCD talking to its host, and the last third is written as the host reclaiming their mind.

“As someone with lifelong OCD, I know firsthand how isolating and debilitating it can be, and I wanted to write a song that spoke to folks who have to go through that on a daily basis.”

Based in Los Angeles, Millar is very much the driving force behind this charismatic modern rock act. The band combines classic ’90s alternative and industrial influences with the soaring, arena-rocking moments of modern rock groups like Shinedown or Black Stone Cherry. Much of their lyrical motivation comes from the polarizing sociopolitical climate in which we live, which really helps create a strong connection with their fanbase who can relate to what the band is talking about.

Part of what has helped Millar and VATTICA achieve their success is their TikTok videos, focused on music and mental health. They have an ongoing series titled Self Made is a Toxic Myth that examines toxic individuality as a consequence of modern capitalism and a core element of white supremacy. This all reinforces the way we speak, write, and consider the concept of success in music. In an age of indifference, especially in music, it’s nice to see that some acts still care about who we are and where we are going.

Artwork for the single “Back to Life” by VATTICA
Artwork for the single “Back to Life” by VATTICA