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Track-by-Track: Haley Harkin Runs Through Her Album ‘To Heal Her Too’

Singer-songwriter Haley Harkin takes us for a track-by-track trip through her new folk album ‘To Heal Her Too.’



Folk singer-songwriter Haley Harkin announced the release of her new album To Heal Her Too, the long-awaited follow-up to 2021’s To Heal Her. The album, now available exactly one year after the release of its predecessor fearlessly explores the outward experience of self-reflection and the pursuit of finding ways to be of service to the world, earth, and humanity.

Just as its precursor delivered a stunning showcase of vulnerability, To Heal Her Too delves into the pain of being human, while also finding hope and resilience in the face of suffering. Harkin caresses her raw lyricism in a comforting acoustic warmth, creating a playful and whimsical touch with instruments like triangles, tambourine, and conga drums inspiring a lively and energetic feel. The simplicity of her arrangements allows the music’s inherent beauty to shine through with an unfiltered brilliance and draws a resemblance to artists like Rising Appalachia, Watchouse, and Ayla Nereo.

“Creating an album is an act of self-discovery. I get to know myself, the songs, and the creative channel more and more. I am really happy with how it turned out, some of my favorite songs are on this album.” -Harkin

Harkin is proud to present some of her favourite songs on this new album, including “I Am The Key” and “Teacher,” which were produced by Vince Cimo, a well-known producer for Ayla Nereo.

1. “Beauty”

“This is probably the oldest song on the album. There is some Brazilian influence with the triangle. This song embodies beauty with its melody and simplicity asking the listener what they behold.”

2. “Teacher”

“During the time I wrote Teacher I was listening to a lot of Trevor Hall which I can hear in the song itself. This is an ode to the teachers in my life that have been a clear empty mirror as I say in the song. Pointing me back inward to my own teacher.”

3. “Patience”

“This is one of my favorite songs I have written. It feels more like poetry to me with the use of words and symbolism of nature. It also has a melancholy feel with the beauty and pain of being human.”

4. “Love gives, fear takes”

“This song was inspired by a friend of mine’s piece of art which said ‘love always gives fear always takes.’ This song came to me right after I saw it. I feel it’s such an easy saying to live by and has really helped me navigate life. If it’s out of love it will give. If it’s out of fear it will take. Also one of my favorite songs to play.”

5. “Wildflowers”

“Wildflowers came to me while I was on a hike in Marble Falls, Texas, the hill country. A little yellow wildflower gave it to me. I feel it’s the message of flowers. To live our beauty, bringing color to the world, and let go when we’re done. It definitely has a really folky feel which I love. Life passes by.”

6. “Life Passes By”

“This song I worked really hard on during the writing process. I dissected it a lot more than I have other songs. At that time I was heavily influenced and impressed by Watchouse and wanting to make something that was as good as their music. I played the keyboard on that recording and had my first keyboard solo haha.”

7. “Like a bird”

“This song was really hard to capture, almost like a bird. I had a completely different version recorded and when I was done I decided to scratch the whole thing and start over because I didn’t love it. I have several songs about birds or with bird references. They have a lot of symbolic meaning to me and I think are great teachers.”

Cover Art for 'To Heal Her Too' by Haley Harkin

Cover Art for ‘To Heal Her Too’ by Haley Harkin

8. “I am the key”

“I worked with producer Vince Cimo on this song as I had a bigger vision for it than I thought I could create on my own. I love the chords in this song it has an eerie/mysterious feel. The message here is that you, I, we are the key. We have all of the answers inside. On the other side of fear lies all truth.”

9. “Ancestor song”

“I had a really intense psilocybin experience releasing some ancestral baggage/trauma. The day after this song came to me. I feel in my lineage I am one of the ones who is supposed to break the cycle. As I say in the song ‘it stops right here, the spell is broken.’ It is a blessing and can be difficult at times but I’m here for it.”

10. “Thank you”

“I have worked with ayahuasca for almost 7 years and this song is a thank you to her and all of nature for teaching me how to live in love. Nature is my biggest inspiration and I feel it’s really important to express gratitude. This song brought me to tears the first few times I played it.”

10. “I believe in magic”

“An upbeat, happy song! This is a joy to play. I really do believe in magic. I believe all of life itself is magic if we simply open ourselves to it. My dear friend Marcelo played the wind instrument on this song which adds so much. By the end of this song everyone’s singing along ‘I believe in magic’ and I love that.”