Belgian-Congolese hip-hop/soul artist Coely recently released her latest single, “Kaos,” a song about finding stillness in the middle of pandemonium.

Coely explains, “I’ve been on this intense voyage, desperately searching for some peace of mind. Most of the time I tried to find the answers in the world around me, only to find out that change isn’t to be found out there, everything I was looking for can be found within myself. Acceptance is key, today I can say I found beauty in the Chaos.”

Her 2017 debut album, Different Waters, featuring “Don’t Care” and “Celebrate,” achieved gold certification in 2018, followed by Coely winning a pair of Belgian Music Industry Awards (MIA), the Flemish version of the Grammy Awards, including Best Urban and Best Solo Female.

“Kaos” rolls out on glimmering guitars, flowing into an innovative melody blending hip-hop and rock flavours. Thick with echoing resonance atop a heady rhythm and dripping with wickedly potent colours, the harmonics project a visceral, intoxicating lustre.

At once gripping and soaked in passion, Coely’s fabulous voice imbues the lyrics in undeniably captivating timbres. It’s a voice draped in Jovian muscle and piquant beauty.

“Still got my faith, but I’ve been low / That’s alright, yeah that’s alright / If you wanna get away, where’d you wanna go / Give in to the pain then yuh let it go.”

“Kaos” delivers susceptibility, fervour, and emotional urgency, all conveyed by the crème de la crème voice of Coely.

Coely, photo by Matías Batallé

Run Time: 3:16
Release Date: January 25, 2023
Record Label: Top Notch Belgium/Universal Music