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TEROUZ – “Tiger Girl” [Song Review]



Tiger Girl,” the new track from Montreal singer-songwriter TEROUZ, drips with voluptuous sonic leitmotifs, as well as sashaying gloss, inducing cool, feline opulence.

Talking about the song, Terouz says, “‘Tiger Girl’ is a testament to resilient women and the empowering effects they have on not just other women, but people altogether.”

He adds, “Think of a cross between Bowie’s ‘China Girl’ and Springsteen’s ‘Secret Garden’ with a callback to the ‘voyeur’ vibes of the Police’s ‘Every Breath You Take.’”

Terouz refers to his sound as “hypno-noir,” a sound achieved by blending nostalgic ’90s savours with retro ’70s and ’80s electro-pop flair. Subtly erotic, when topped by Terouz’s rich, swanky vocals, the sound assumes a sense of sensual imminence, along with brooding elegance.

“Tiger Girl” relies on the musical talents of Gabriel Ethier (production, mixing, keyboards, synths), Andre Galamba (guitar, bass), and, of course, the songwriting gift of Terouz.

A fat, rumbling bassline and tight, flat percussion imbue the rhythm with a hypnotic cadence as percolating, vibrant colours glide overhead, infusing the tune with sexy surfaces. As spellbinding as the music is, it’s the seductive voice of Terouz that pervades the song with bewitching magnetism.

“Call her Careless / If you must / You can call her names / Y’know she loves to tease / She likes to touch.”

There’s an electrifying susceptibility, a mysterious ardour, a darkly captivating, heady scent embedded in “Tiger Girl,” making it ooh la la.

TEROUZ, photo by Felipe Collado

Run Time: 3:49
Release Date: January 20, 2023
Record Label: Independent