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Premiere: “Let the Healing Begin” with Sahffi Lynne’s Latest Music Video

Singer-songwriter Sahffi Lynne debuts her music video for “Let the Healing Begin,” a true gem of a tune that will probably resonate with you no matter what genres you may most enjoy.



To some, music is fun, an escape, entertainment, an outlet, a reason for togetherness, or maybe all of those things. Within that context, you might also think of it as medicinal, something good for the soul and the heart, an interpretation that Sahffi Lynne would certainly subscribe to. The singer-songwriter today debuts her brand new music video for “Let the Healing Begin,” a true gem of a tune that will probably resonate with you no matter what genres you may enjoy the most.

In the song, and emphasized within the clip, Lynne discusses finding your true self beyond the darkness of life, where only true healing can occur. As an international medicine musician and vocal coach, she offers her music as medicine, often at meditations and ceremonies. It’s all meant to help people feel enlightened and highlight our connection with one another.

Explaining how she penned “Let the Healing Begin” and its message, Lynne shares with us:

“Melodies have always come through me in the wind, in the trees, and sometimes in dreams, yet this song was the only song that was completely channeled. I literally watched my hand write the lyrics! I was in a dark place in my life and this song came through and spoke to me in a way that to this day seems unworldly, powerful, loving, and kind. It gave me hope when I had none.

“I am happy that others relate to the message of this song, ‘you can let the darkness win, or you can let the healing begin.’ It seems we are in a time of great choice in the way we want to move forward in our humanity and in our individual lives. I hope this song touches and heals hearts as it has done mine, and I hope we choose to let the healing begin.”


It’s a fascinating musical journey that Lynne has been on since she started sharing her songwriting with others. She has performed worldwide, in places as far and wide as Peru and Zimbabwe, and has become highly acclaimed for her work as a private vocal coach. Her intention with these private coaching sessions is to help people deepen their relationship with their voice. She runs and operates her own Vocalize Your Soul studio, which is open for in-person lessons at The Bohemian House in Ellicott City, Maryland.

In terms of performance, Lynne offers medicine music concerts with her band, and monthly New Moon Medicine Meditation concerts. There are also individual and small group ceremonies and yearly retreats known as Illuminate Your Connection. She has worked diligently with psychedelically trained therapists and psychologists in an effort to help people heal from traumas and reclaim their identities.

This is a musical journey like no other, and one that everyone could learn a lot from, no matter what your tastes in music are.

Artwork for the album ‘Pulse of Evolution’ by Sahffi Lynne