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Stereo Six: Fragments of Sorrow Supply Some of Their All-Time Fave Tunes

With Fragments of Sorrow starting to catch on in a big way, we caught up with the modern metalcore band for a Stereo Six feature in which they run down six songs that have been highly influential to them.



It’s been an upward trajectory for Fragments of Sorrow ever since the release of their debut single, “All The Sadness I Have,” in 2020. Since then, the Italian quartet has steadily, piece by piece, built a following of fans who have really taken to the band’s brand of modern metalcore, both heavy and melodic. Fans really began to take notice of the group this past summer when they released their “Push Me Down” single and an interesting, inventive remake of the pop group t.a.t.u.’s “All The Things She Said.”

With tracks displaying a whole lot of heart and emotion, it’s no wonder why this band has begun to catch on with fans. “Push Me Down” demonstrates their exceptional chemistry and its thunderous, unadulterated breakdowns. There’s no dogging it with these four men; it’s balls-to-the-wall metalcore all day, every day, right to the end.

With Fragments of Sorrow starting to catch on in a big way, we caught up with them for a Stereo Six in which the band collectively run down for us six songs that have been highly influential to them.

1. Bullet For My Valentine – “Her Voice Resides” (2005, GUN Records)

“‘Her Voice Resides’ is the first track on the first Bullet For My Valentine album, The Poison, and is certainly one of the most inspirational songs for Fragments Of Sorrow. It ends the agonizing calm of the intro with a cry of pure suffering; it represents that moment in which you are running as fast as possible and escaping from that tunnel that seems infinite but which ultimately has light at the end.” (Dave Birmingham)

2. Avenged Sevenfold – “Seize The Day” (2006, Warner Records)

“This is one of the songs that made me pursue my music career. The original version obviously has great emotional intensity and deep meaning, but I’d like to highlight their performance of the track on Live in the LBC & Diamonds in the Rough.

“At the age of 13, I saw the full live version, and when Synyster Gates played that solo, I was so shocked I thought, ‘Damn! I’ve got to learn to play like he does… This is what I want to achieve in my life.’ That’s why I started taking electric guitar classes, which became more and more professional along the years. Although I consider myself above average, I would not say I’m too technical in terms of performing solos. I feel like this solo reflects my personality and really conveys a great energy.” (Freddie Raven)

3. Blink 182 – “I Miss You” (2004, Geffen Records)

“That song adapts pop-punk into its dark and gloomy style. That song made me understand and take an alternative path to the usual punk rock style that I grew up with. From there, I started playing other genres, including heavy metal/metalcore. I realized that I had to go outside the box and study different techniques and styles. The meaning of that song reflects over time to my situation and my life, as I struggle with depression. In my mind, I fought all this by saying to myself, ‘I have to become like Travis Barker’ (which is why I started playing drums in 2003!). And it was that fucking thought that has kept me going so far!” (JB)

4. Green Day – “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” (2004, Reprise Records)

“This song made me love Green Day and love their style. The band inspired me in everything, even in my private life; from this song, I learned that in the face of adversity and whatever obstacle that arises in your life, there is always a way through if you look for it.” (Kevin Foster)

5. The Police – “Message in a Bottle” (1979, A&M Records)

“In this classic track by The Police, there is a very relatable phrase that stuck with me: ‘A hundred billion bottles washed up on the shore,’ makes us realize that we are not the only ones to lose ourselves in ourselves, and that many like us try to overcome difficult situations, I have goosebumps as I remember that moment of realizing the meaning of those words.” (Dave Birmingham)

6. Dream Theater – “The Best of Times” (2009, Roadrunner Records)

“Besides my passion for metal music (metalcore in particular), I’ve always been open to listen and discover new music genres (proved by the fact that I’ve also pursued the jazz music career during my studies). My habit of inserting orchestral arrangements (especially strings and pianos) in the songs that I write, originates in this classically influenced track. Moreover, listening to this band’s discography has influenced my writing; riffs and less linear guitar parts, the odd tempos typical in prog metal. I would consider John Petrucci’s final solo to be the perfect fusion between technique and expressiveness.” (Freddie Raven)

Artwork for the single “Push Me Down” by Fragments of Sorrow

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