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Scott Krokoff – “Almost There” [Song Review]

Scott Krokoff’s new single/video, “Almost There,” captures the sensation of trying to break through the in-built barriers of artistic achievement.



Americana singer-songwriter Scott Krokoff delves into the struggle of making it in music on his new single/lyric video, “Almost There.”

Krokoff explains, “‘Almost There’ summarizes all my struggles in the music business. Succeeding in music is a very high bar. You need to be consistently outstanding, and even if you are, there’s still no guarantee of success. And no matter what, it feels like a slow, never-ending climb with a million steps and full of gatekeepers who say no. For those reasons, you feel like you’re almost there but never quite there. I explore all of that in this song and also analogize it to athletes who have a similar struggle as the bar for success is equally high for them, and the lyric video takes a more light-hearted turn on it all.”

Along with sharing the stage with Elle King, performing in Europe, and performing in and around NYC, Krokoff has dropped three albums and a series of successful singles, including “Far Too Many Times” and “Fortunately.”

“Almost There” features Scott Krokoff (vocals, acoustic guitar), Bob Stander (bass, electric guitar, tambourine), Paul Errico (keyboards), and Shawn Murray (drums).

Opening on gleaming guitars and a low, braying organ, the intro to “Almost There” conjures up vague suggestions of Dickie Betts. The undulation of the mid-tempo rhythm topped by delicious folk-rock leitmotifs and Krokoff’s cashmere, passionate vocals sculpt a smooth, shimmering tune, dripping with probing lyrics.

“Like a skier in the slalom / Who missed the final gate / Being left to think if life is truly fair / Like the swimmer in the last lap / Who touched the wall too late / I’m almost there / Yet never quite / Almost there and yet not quite / Ever there.”

“Almost There” captures the sensation of trying to break through the in-built barriers of artistic achievement.

Run Time: 3:59
Release Date: November 21, 2022
Record Label: Self-Release