On October 28th, 2022, Puscifer followed up their Money $hot and Live At Arcosanti events with two new immersive streaming experiences in a similar fashion. When the pandemic hit and Puscifer readied for the release of Existential Reckoning, Maynard, Mat, and Carina realized that doing streamed events was well suited to Puscifer’s material. They tackle their live performances differently than most bands, mixing a traditional live set with on-stage actors, recurring characters, and multimedia skits. It’s more like seeing a Broadway play featuring stream-of-consciousness narratives bridged by music.

V is for Versatile features the band recreating the debut Puscifer album V is for Vagina in a studio environment. They filmed in Studio 3 at the legendary Los Angeles Sunset Sound studios, where everyone from Zeppelin, Van Halen, Elton John and Tom Waits have recorded legendary albums. The studio footage is professionally shot, slow-moving pans across the artists as they perform relaxed in the studio space. Watching Maynard James Keenan, Mat Mitchell, Carina Round, Greg Edwards, Juliette Commagere, and Gunnar Olsen re-interpret these incredible-sounding versions of the Vagina-era songs (while making it look so second nature to them all) is charming.

A number of the tracks sound quite different compared to their original studio versions. Ongoing Puscifer characters like Agent Dick Merkin, Major Douche, the mysterious briefcase, and some cool cameos are interspersed throughout the tracks. Keep your eyes peeled for Billy Howerdel in some of the scripted war-room footage.

Parole Violator: A Puscifer Concert Film featuring Conditions of My Parole features a free-form narrative akin to last year’s Money $hot streaming event. Repeating characters from the Puscifer universe, like Billy D, Hildy Berger, and Peter Merkin, appear throughout numerous clips that break up the live footage. Maynard James Keenan, Mat Mitchell, Carina Round, Greg Edwards, Juliette Commagere, and Gunnar Olsen perform Conditions of My Parole live primarily at Main Stage Bar in Cottonwood, Arizona. The last few tracks are made in an acoustic campfire sing-a-long setting under the stars in Arizona, the six band members performing using washboards and light instruments to reproduce the final songs.

Emily Kavanaugh can be seen as the bartender in some of the lead-in clips – appropriate given that she and Mark Brooks (who plays Peter Merkin) are currently out on tour with Puscifer opening with their band Night Club.

Puscifer has been winning the internet over the pandemic with its creative and quirky streaming events. While many bands have had success doing streaming performances for a fee over the past three years, Puscifer set the bar for how it should be done. The live-streaming event has been extended through to November 7th – the audio quality on both short films alone is so impressive it’s worth the expenditure. Check it out here: https://puscifertv.com.


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