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Plastic Harpoons Premiere Their Debut Album ‘Modern World’

Plastic Harpoons premiere their debut album ‘Modern World’ (Lollipop Records), an honest and authentic take on life as it stands right now, but also relatable to generations past.



The modern world is no doubt a crazy place, and although we experience it each and every day, we still need artists to chronicle and interpret it for us to help us make sense of it all. That’s what Plastic Harpoons have done for us with their debut album Modern World (Lollipop Records), an honest and authentic take on life as it stands right now, but also relatable to generations past.

A lyrically intensive record, the songs speak to the ups and downs of life as it is today. It’s an interesting time that presents daily challenges to us all related to how we interpret and experience our lives today, and the record itself comes across as genuine, honest, and shrewd. There’s a classic element to it all as well, conjuring up positive vibes and memories of times gone by.

Bassist Sean Renken tells us:

“We’re excited to share our debut album with you. The songs were mostly written acoustically and then fleshed out on an avocado ranch during the height of the pandemic, which helped to keep us sane. Our goal was to make music that we enjoy listening to, not just playing and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

“Just as modernity is subject to change, so is the concept of the world around us all. It expands and contracts in an ever-changing pendulum of contemporary whims and historical context. This is a record of now, always, or anywhere in between.”

There is a 1960s, and 1970s rock n’ roll feel about this record, staying true to the staples and customs of American rock while also trying to bring a fresh perspective to the table. There was a specific attempt made by the band in the recording process to make the songs have a communal feel to them, ones that sound like they would be best enjoyed amongst friends, cohorts, and people who feel like you.

Modern World demonstrates a lot of musical versatility, too, with a wide spectrum of songs that are all unique within themselves. There are lighter indie-folk numbers, while others are more aggressive and rocked up. There are guitar solos, moments where it’s just a guitar and nothing else, and also three or four-part harmonies. It’s nice to know that there are still bands willing to invest in the past and the future and are unaffected by contemporary trends that make so many artists sound so much the same.

Modern World Track Listing:

1. Diamond Wings
2. Cigarettes & Spanish Wine
3. Gettysburg
4. Midnight Train
5. One Step
6. Modern World
7. Lilac Daisy
8. Dirty Linen Sheets
9. East Of State

Artwork for the album ‘Modern World’ by Plastic Harpoons