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Premiere: Velcro Dog Examines Human Evil with His Debut Album ‘Misanthropology’

Tony Gonzalez reached deep within his conscience to conjure up something very personal in his Velcro Dog full-length, ‘Misanthropology’ (Westergaard Records). Enjoy the album premiere today!



Very few artists have but one musical side to them. Even if they specialize in a certain niche or genre, chances are they are capable of many different styles. That would very much apply to musician Tony Gonzalez and his brand new musical endeavour Velcro Dog. This is the solo project of the Norwegian artist, most typically known for his work in louder, more aggressive acts like Barren Womb, Oma Desala, Twin Serpent, and Dårli Te Beins.

For the debut Velcro Dog full-length, Gonzalez has reached deep within his conscience to conjure up something very personal and straight from the heart. Titled Misanthropology, the record will be released on October 7th via Westergaard Records, but you can hear it right here, right now, in all of its glory!

Contextualizing his new project and associated debut record, Gonzalez explains:

“Since my early teens I’ve played in loud, wild and noisy bands, which is still something I do and love. Velcro Dog exists as a complementary counterpart to this world. It’s neither loud, wild nor noisy, but instead minimal and subdued, personal and exposed. The ten songs that make up my debut album Misanthropology were written primarily during the first year of the pandemic, a time which provided very fertile ground for cultivating dark and introspective music. Dolly Parton might have called this ‘sad ass songs,’ but I just call it fjord noir.”

As a description, fjord noir fits this kind of music perfectly, a sound that combines the darker parts of folk, Americana, and traditional country music. Gonzalez developed the idea for Velcro Dog as a result of a strong need he felt to deal with his ghosts and skeletons in the closet, which is part of the reason why the songs sound so introspective. They are fairly stripped-down numbers, musing on very personal topics such as loss, love, and depression. The subject matter, like songs about growing old on your own, human frailty, and dealing with deceit, fits perfectly with Gonzalez’s sorrowful voice and emotional guitar playing.

It’s never a bad time to take a long look in the mirror, reflect on what’s looking back at you, and exorcise those demons as best as possible. Gonzalez has provided a full album of songs perfectly suited for such activities.

Artwork for the album ‘Misanthropology’ by Velcro Dog