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Top 10 Most Rock n’ Roll Fashion & Makeup Brands According to Evol Walks

For our latest Top 10 list, Evol Walks frontwoman Leah Martin-Brown counts down her most rock n’ roll fashion and makeup brands.



If dominating, commanding guitar riffs are what you are looking for, then Evol Walks will be all too willing to provide them to you. Led by the dominant force that is frontwoman Leah Martin-Brown, the band is really starting to make some headway and make listeners notice, thanks to their giant, ferocious sound that they have been developing and broadening since 2014. Martin-Brown originally formed the band in Los Angeles after moving there from her native Australia to seek and satisfy her ambitions to start a hard rock band in the spirit of other great female-led acts, such as Halestorm, Evanescence, and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts.

Last month, Evol Walks released their latest single, “Back Where You Belong.” It’s a full-on breakup tune that is specific to the anger and grief that afflicts most people after they go through such an upsetting event. The song is a prelude to a full-length album release which Martin-Brown and her bandmates hope to have released in the next few months.

For our latest Top 10 list, Martin-Brown joins us today to count down her most rock n’ roll fashion and makeup brands. Although the list obviously goes in order, she would like to add that there is not really any particular order. As you read through, we think that you’ll agree with many of, if not all, of these selections.

1. Nobody Denim

Leah Martin-Brown: “It is so hard to find a kick-ass pair of jeans that a. look good, b. fit properly, and c. can be thrown on with a t-shirt or just as easily worn onstage. This Melbourne-based brand has been my hands-down favourite since I first discovered them in 2013. They are super rock n’ roll, have so many different styles (I am not kidding, I own over ten pairs of their short and jean styles), and they are from my homeland! What’s not to love?”

2. Dr. Martens

“They have been an icon of the subculture since the ’60s, and for good reason! They are incredibly comfortable, insanely durable, and they can be matched with a cute dress or skirt, jeans, leggings—whatever! They also are AMAZING for stomping around a stage in!”

3. Black Milk Clothing

“Another Aussie brand that I cannot live without! I am a huge fan of anything made of velvet or lace, and Black Milk delivers this in spades! Half my wardrobe is taken up by their pieces, whether bright-coloured leggings, leopard print maxis, or (my favourite) their burned velvet collection! I especially love my Burned Velvet Maxi Skirt & Body Con dress from their 2014 GOT collection.” (Pictured)

4. Killstar Clothing

“If I’m not wearing Black Milk, I am decking my body (and my house!) out in Killstar! They make incredibly cute, alternative clothing, lots of black, velvet and lace! They also have incredible homewares and accessories! I have travelled the entire globe with my Killstar Vegan Leather Black Studded Backpack!” (Pictured)

5. Vans

“If I am not stomping around in my Dr’s, I am bouncing around in my Vans! I own over 15 pairs but (sadly) I could only fit two in my luggage to come to Sweden! Otherwise, you’d have been getting a whole photo collage! I especially love their funky prints, non-slip soles, and their epic comfort! I live for living in my Vans!”

6. Honey Birdette

“Another Aussie brand! Honey Birdette makes some insanely pretty lingerie, but it is their outerwear that makes this list! Studs, chains, mesh, and bondage-style clasps, you can make even the most basic outfit scream rockstar by adding in some HB!”

7. Steve Madden

“I am definitely a shoe addict, and Steve Madden has me wrapped around their fingers! They make incredibly cool boot and heel styles, and I love dressing up my onstage outfits with their ankle boots or popping on their chunky, high heels for events. Black, studs, leopard print? Gotta be a rock n’ roll icon!”

8. Dangerfield Clothing

“Dangerfield are another Melbourne-based Aussie clothing company that has had my heart since 2010. They have a bit of everything, and I particularly love anything they release under their ‘Black Friday’ label! Cute message tees, knits with bleeding hearts, hamburger overalls… I love to add some quirky to the edgy-rock vibes!”

9. Christine Louboutin

“Yes, they are fancy (and expensive) as fuck, but nothing makes me feel more like a rock star than donning my red bottoms and heading out on the Sunset Strip. I especially love the studded collection!”

10. Too Faced Cosmetics

“Too Faced is super rock n’ roll, in my opinion! Not only are they cruelty-free, but they infuse their products with cocoa and (sometimes) peach, and have the hottest shade of red lipstick I have ever tried! Smelling nice and making a statement with bold colour is super rock n’ roll to me!”

Artwork for the album ‘Back Where You Belong’ by Evol Walks

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