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Premiere: Tasche & the Psychedelic Roses Tackle True Love on New “Dying Art” Single

Dynamic New Orleans act Tasche & the Psychedelic Roses debuts their swagger-full single “Dying Art” which will appear on their upcoming self-titled album, due out on October 21st via Sinking City Records.



If you prefer to take your rock n’ roll with a side of swagger, well then you’ve come to the right place with Tasche & the Psychedelic Roses. The dynamic New Orleans act has unveiled their latest single “Dying Art” which will appear on their upcoming self-titled album, due out on October 21st via Sinking City Records.

Led by the charismatic and compelling Tasche de la Rocha, the band rocks with freedom and candour typical of the great punk acts of past and present, as well as a feminist spirit that really helps bring the energy. Joining four-part vocal harmonies, grunge-like guitar riffs, a punk rock disposition, and pinches of doo-wop, cabaret, and psychedelia, Tasche and her team really pack a powerful punch for rock fans of both past and present.

Offering her thoughts on the band’s new single, Tasche tells us:

“This song is about being ‘insane’ for feeling deeply in this current world. True connection is feared, being vulnerable is undervalued, and humiliated. Life points us to love through screens. It’s disappointing. Our deep emotions swim within us and burst out through the holes in our heads. We are damaged from mysterious bugs in computers basically glued to our bodies, constantly notifying and reminding us of our inadequacy and loneliness. The fad is to be aloof, to feel less. Who can be the most stoic? This leads to being let down time and time again in so many different ways in life, especially for those of us who feel incredibly deeply.

“What do we do with these feelings and this love, this pain? Where can it go? True love and connection is a dying art form. It feels real when it warms our lives but it fluctuates and dissipates, leaving us to mourn the loss of it repeatedly, screaming inside, while trying to keep it together outside. Craving love and support leads to tears, desperation. So we try to find beauty in the abyss of ourselves being ticked in the clockwork of life. We call to the void that love leaves behind in its low tide to be lifted from this internal place. We scramble and then find some kind of peace in the reality of disappointment.”

The group’s new self-titled release really zeroes in on personal transformation; coming into your own, while at the same time learning how to bid adieu to the things that do you harm. The record as a whole is meant to epitomize the ups and downs of life, an overactive rollercoaster at times that can swing you from the highest of highs and lowest of lows in mere moments. There is a feminist undertone to the songs as a whole, which tells a tale of a woman asserting herself as an individual, despite the negativity and naysayers that she encounters day in and day out.

Despite all of these distractions, the morale of the story is to keep the faith and rise above the trauma. Despite all of the pain and hardship that may lay ahead, Tasche & the Psychedelic Roses want you to know that the path forward is golden, even if it may not seem that way at the time.

Tasche & the Psychedelic Roses, photo by Caitlin Ridenour

Artwork for the album ‘Tasche de la Rocha & the Psychedelic Roses’ by Tasche de la Rocha & the Psychedelic Roses