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The Plague Premiere His Blistering New “I Feel Fine” Music Video

With his new single/music video—included on his forthcoming full-length ‘Hope For The F.U.T.U.R.E.’ (FiXT)—The Plague is zeroing on the phrase, “I Feel Fine.”



When you ask someone how they’re doing, whether it be your wife, husband, brother, sister, or best friend, they often might reply with, “I Feel Fine,” or some variation thereof. No matter how you feel, your inclination is just to say that you’re fine, even if you feel like pulling out your hair. With his new single and music video, The Plague is zeroing in on this empty phrase that we throw around all too freely.

Set to be included on his new full-length record Hope For The F.U.T.U.R.E. (2.0), coming December 1st via FiXT, the song is an expression of all the frustration one usually feels when they’re telling people that they feel fine. Thrashing guitars and throat-piercing vocals accentuate the point that The Plague is trying to make, as he represents the personal reality of pretending like you are holding it together, even though you’re dying inside.

Discussing the new song, The Plague states, “‘I Feel Fine’ is a song about denial and frustration with social norms. I find it so unappealing when humans are on auto pilot. ‘Hi, how are you?’ ‘Fine, how are you?’ Most people aren’t ‘fine; they are incredibly nuanced and complex. Asking how someone is can be a deeply personal question if it’s asked with sincerity and curiosity. When I feel lonely and misunderstood, the last thing I want is shallow conversation.

“This song is about the coping mechanism of telling yourself everything is ok when it’s really not.”

“After my Dad passed away, some people would ask me how I was doing when they didn’t really want to hear the answer. I got the sense they wanted to hear, “I’m fine.’ This song is about the coping mechanism of telling yourself everything is ok when it’s really not.”


Artwork for the single “I Feel Fine” by The Plague

Producer and engineer extraordinaire David Adam Monroe is the man behind The Plague, an innovator of the subgenre known as Future Punk. Remixed and remastered and with new artwork, Hope For The F.U.T.U.R.E. (2.0) includes 16 tracks that focus on the struggle of being human, meant to encourage listeners to put aside society’s frivolous characterizations of success and to define what success means for you and to you.

Monroe’s intention with The Plague is to make progressive Christian rock that sounds avant-garde and ahead of its time. He decided on this musical course of action when he was producing for bands in Boston, and his assistant gave him a Celldweller album to listen to. He became quite inspired by Celldweller’s mix of guitars and synths, and through processing their sound, he discovered what he wanted The Plague to sound like. The re-release of Hope For The F.U.T.U.R.E. (2.0) comes ahead of a new album planned for 2023, which promises to expand further and broaden the scope of what Future Punk is all about.

Artwork for the album ‘Hope For The F.U.T.U.R.E.’ by The Plague