Sometimes our primal urges get the best of us. Because we’re all just visceral beings when it all comes down to it, right? Singer-songwriter Fior is pleased to debut her brand new music video for her latest single, “Overdose” today, a slick, infectious power ballad with all the addictive qualities of a hit radio pop song.

“Overdose” is essentially Fior’s reflection on obsession, and when it goes beyond the point of rationality to where now, the heart is making choices that would not typically be in line with the mind. Physical attraction can create immense conflict within us, controlling our decision-making and inclining us to do things we shouldn’t do. The euphoria may seem alluring, but it’s ultimately detrimental, and Fior has got some interesting musings on the topic.

Offering her thoughts on the new single, the singer sayes:

“‘Overdose’ is an introspection on how chasing the intoxication of lust that comes with a new relationship can lead to bad choices and make it hard to move beyond the early stages of romance to a long-term commitment. The euphoric feeling that comes with early attraction is very addictive. I have been guilty in the past of staying in an unhealthy relationship for too long because I was always trying to get back to that high from the start of the relationship.”

People have really been taking notice of Fior lately, and why shouldn’t they be with her clever mix of classic and modern pop, with flashes of R&B, rock, and soul. She was recently acknowledged by People Magazine as one of their ‘Emerging Artists To Watch’ this past spring, quite an accolade for an independent artist finding her own way. Her songs are very beat-driven, reminiscent of trap music, which provides an exquisite environment for her lively, limber vocals.

It’s through a combination of strength and vulnerability that Fior is defining herself as an artist, beaming with all the ingredients that make for a standout singer-songwriter.

Artwork for the snigle “Overdose” by Fior