Adventure, excitement; we all crave it in our own way. It’s one thing to dream about it; it’s a whole other actually to experience it. One of the most memorable aspects of life and growing up is the different sights we get to see and the different places we go. Psych-rocker Karaboudjan, the solo project of musician Billy Kim, has taken inspiration from his own experiences travelling the world and the dreams associated with visiting far-off places to compose his brand new single “Scatter.”

The first single from his new EP, coming later this year, “Scatter,” is an upbeat, indie electronica tribute to the voyages that give meaning and purpose to our lives, events and experiences that we look back on fondly and never forget about, even decades later.

Describing how he was inspired to write this song, Kim shares: “For me personally, ‘Scatter’ is about the journey of discovery and the nostalgia of traveling. When I was a kid, I always envied the kids who came back from holiday with stories from their international adventures. Growing up, my family never had taken us on a plane before, even domestically, so naturally, I had always considered it to be a certain privilege I wouldn’t experience.

“But the concept of visiting these places I’ve only read in books or seen on television just seemed so foreign to me. I had this moment on tour, where this immense sense of appreciation dawned over me. It doesn’t take too much to get burnt out from weeks on the road, so I guess this is my subtle reminder to appreciate things more, which became even more apparent after the start of the pandemic.”

“When I was a kid, I always envied the kids who came back from holiday with stories from their international adventures.”

Artwork for the album “Scatter” by Karaboudjan, created by Rory O’Connor

“Scatter,” and the EP which you will soon find it on were largely written while Kim was secluded at home, thanks to countless pandemic-related lockdowns. Being a homebody, it worked out well for Kim, as he could really focus on what he was doing, writing and recording to such an extent that he came up with enough songs for other musical ventures beyond Karaboudjan. With some of those other songs on the shelf, for now, Kim is carrying forth with Karaboudjan as his primary creative outlet right now.

Previously a touring member of Tycho, Kim started very early, growing up in a musical family, where he knew he wanted to be a musician by age 13. Losing his father to Alzheimer’s had a profound effect on him, and the name Karaboudjan is meant as a tribute to his latest parent. To write great songs, you usually need a big imagination with lots of ambition, and Kim has all of those traits, a true artist with the talent to match his unwavering passion.