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Philly Punks Vixen77 Premiere Their Sassy “Some Days” Music Video

All-women punk group, Vixen77 premiere the music video for their single, “Some Days,” a superb taste of the band’s forthcoming full-length, ‘Easy Access’ (Megaforce Records).



Some days…. Just suck! What other way is there to put it? But it’s often those days that define us; who we are and who we are going to be. Vixen77 are flying high today with the premiere of the official music video for their latest single, “Some Days.” The all-women band have got a combative nature at the moment, excitedly gearing up to release their debut full-length record Easy Access, due for release on October 7th, via the esteemed Megaforce Records.

“Some Days” is a fairly traditional rocker, pulling no punches, delivered with classic punk style and attitude. The song is an important one to the band, not just because it’s the first single off the record but also because of its message. It’s a song about acknowledging that it’s ok to admit you’re not ok, and some days you’re just not going to be able to cut it, and that’s perfectly fine.

Commenting on the new single and its subject matter, guitarist Elizabeth shares that “‘Some Days’ is about getting through the day. You’re trying. You’re really, really trying. Everything that happens causes emotional strain, that you are so close to breaking. Some days you try, Some days you don’t. Keeping up appearances is a part of life, and for some people, it is much harder than others.

“Most days, the only way to get through the day is with music. It’s ok to try, and fail. It’s ok to shut down.”

“Some days, social situations are complicated, and you say all the wrong things. Some days, everything we do is wrong. Most days, the only way to get through the day is with music. It’s ok to try, and fail. It’s ok to shut down. ‘Some Days’ is meant to be a good time but also a reminder to forgive yourself. We all need that reminder.”

Easy Access promises to be a trip and a half, a memorable punk rock affair delivered by a quintet of fiery Philly punkers. The album will feature twelve intense, untethered tracks, recorded as off-the-cuff as the band could possibly deliver. Some bands spend months in the studio; Vixen77 recorded all twelve songs in 72 hours, holed up at Retro City Studios in their hometown of Philadelphia.

This is an exciting time for the band, not just because of the album release but also because it’s people’s opportunity to check out the group’s new lineup that they unveiled after the pandemic lockdowns with their first shows in ages in January. Since that time, the gigs have gotten bigger, and the buzz is getting louder, as evidenced by a recent gig opening for Wayne Kramer.

Loud and raucous, Vixen77 are more than happy to satisfy that rebellious spirit of yours you’ve been hanging onto since your teen years.

Artwork for the album ‘Easy Access’ by Vixen77