Now, this is some heavy shit! Our old friends Prey Upon are back, and they are nothing short of ruthless on their brand new single “Bojangles.” The melody, the aggression, the blaring guitars; they’re all here, punctuated by lead singer Reid Erickson’s relentless, impassioned screams and growls.

“Bojangles” really emphasizes why the stage is where this band does their best work, bringing you all of the energy and potency which you hear on their studio tracks. It’s for all of these reasons that they have become one of the premier live acts within the Long Island live music scene.

Telling us more about their new single, Erickson says:

“Well, the lyrics are meant to be layered in meaning so the audience can take from it their own interpretation. It’s generally about addiction, like needing something so bad that without it you feel lost and powerless, on the verge of insanity and suicidal ideation. To me, it’s about my love for music and the need for it be an essential part of life. It also has to deal with the loss of someone important and drug addiction at the same time, so I really tried to make it so the audience could connect on multiple levels.”

Aggression is the name of the game when it comes to this quartet. Fans of traditional metal, death metal, metalcore, and even hard rock will find a lot to like here, thanks to Prey Upon’s clever melding of styles and sounds. Their peers have taken notice too, with the band having played numerous shows with acts such as Hed (PE), Motograter, Gemini Syndrome, Kissing Candice, Otep, Bobaflex, Smile Empty Soul, Eve To Adam, Orgy, and The Crowned (to name a few).

With “Bojangles” now having arrived, the group is continuing work on their next release, prepared to give you more of the passion and force you’ve come to love.

Artwork for the single “Bojangles” by Prey Upon