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“If Only” You Made Time to Watch Battle Tapes’ Music Video Premiere…

Los Angeles-based duo Battle Tapes perform the new single “If Only” amidst a confluence of lines, shapes, and colours in their new music video.



The world is an exhausting place, and it seems to grow more tiring by the year. Most of the time, we just go about our business, dealing as best as we can with the deck of cards we’ve been dealt. But it’s good to stop and think for a minute about the pace at which we are rocketing forward, as Battle Tapes are with their new single and music video for “If Only.”

The video features the Los Angeles-based band performing the song, amidst a confluence of lines, shapes, and colours. There’s a retro look to the video, and a similar retro feel to the song, appropriate for a group that specializes in blending 1980s electronica and darkwave, with the more accessible electronic pop of today. “If Only” is the first sign of what’s to come on the band’s forthcoming new record Texture, which will be released on October 21st.

Of “If Only,” songwriter and producer Josh Boardman says:

“We live in desperate times. Bombarded 24/7 by the chaos of the world, and our own lives. The overwhelming barrage of violence, bigotry, corruption, and hate is exhausting. I feel like I barely have time to process what happened this morning before I’m on to the next headline. ‘If Only’ was born out of those feelings of desperation and powerlessness that invite comfort of apathy and ambivalence.”

Battle Tapes cleverly take the inspiration of Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails, harnessing that sound and energy, and making it current. Joining Boardman in this formidable duo is Riley Mackin, both highly accomplished producers and mixers who have done work not only for other artists but also for film trailers, television shows and video games. Some of their credits include HBO’s Girls, Grand Theft Auto V, the USA Network drama Mr. Robot, the animated series gen:LOCK, and Amazon’s Invincable.

They do all of this work while also pursuing Battle Tapes, which they formed in 2010. Their first single arrived in 2011 with “Sleepwalker,” followed by the five-song EP Sweatshop Boys, and their debut full-length in 2015. With various singles released over the years and the Form EP in 2017, Battle Tapes is excited to be back, focused on expanding their own creative output.

Artwork for the single “If Only” by Battle Tapes