If you’ve been missing your work wife for the last couple of years, well, we’ve found you a brand new one with Work Wife and her new single “Drown Me Out.” The song is a collaboration between Work Wife, the name of Brooklyn artist Meredith Lampe’s dream pop project, and Upstate New York-based rising star Mary Hood.

The song is the first of a series of collaborative efforts that Work Wife will be introducing along with other female artists who are focal points of the Brooklyn indie music scene. A song describing the unwanted input from someone about your life who has not followed your path, the song was originally conceived by Lampe, who brought the half-finished track to Hood, who contributed the highly catchy chorus. Then they both got in a room together, figured out the lyrics, and devised an outro completely off the cuff!

With her own comments on the song, Lampe offers the following statement:

“Mary Hood and Meredith Lampe wrote ‘Drown Me Out’ to describe the feeling of frustration built up from two lives’ worth of getting interrupted and instructed. Mary’s experience having to prove her worth to men in the music industry and Meredith’s frustration with unsolicited advice in her personal life allowed them to write to a shared concept they could both empathize with.

“The song concludes with a refrain that reflects the apathy induced by giving up on trying to communicate with the punisher described in the song, ‘don’t waste your breath on me and I won’t waste mine on you.’”

As we get deeper into the year, Lampe is really starting to emerge with Work Wife, with a debut EP set for release this fall. Lampe is also known for her work as part of Colatura, and has been lauded for her clever combination of synth pop, sombre lyrics, and surf rock instrumentals. Hood, on the other hand, is an emerging star, firmly planted in the present but heavily influenced by traditional songwriting. She has been heavily influenced by folk, ’90s alternative rock, emo, and jazz, with a particular focus on capturing difficult emotions and describing relatable life events in a way everyone can relate to.

The intention of Work Wife’s new series of collaborative songs was to not only work with some really standout musicians but also to help foster some community within the indie rock community. Both Hood and Lampe developed a very close friendship through working on this song together with a joint show coming up featuring the two of them sharing the stage at Mercury Lounge in New York.

Collaboration has never sounded so good, a perfect way to kick off a summer of what will hopefully be filled with love and spirit.

Artwork for the single “Drown Me Out” by Work Wife + Mary Hood