If you’re looking for a grand old time, you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to debut the brand new EP People from Big Hoke, an ambitious, Americana-infused mega band with so much to love.

Featuring twelve total members, the band is led by the accomplished and ingenious Justin Gorski, who uses Big Hoke as the namesake for all of his original songwriting. There are so many dynamics at play on this new six-song adventure, with Gorski masterminding it all with his diverse style and wide palette of musical influences, both old and new. Everything works perfectly in sync, with each song leaning on established American songwriting conventions while not getting bogged down by too much traditionalism.

Offering his own perspective on the new EP, Gorski says:

“I feel that this is my best work yet. I got to work with many of the people I’ve always wanted to from the Cleveland area. Tons of amazing talent here and I think it’s showcased well in People. The beauty of this EP is that it takes you somewhere. The first spoken word piece sets the tone and from there it’s off to the races. People brings you up, you down, and spits you back out the other end.”

A real student of American music, Gorski has been preparing for this ever since he became interested in music at the age of 5. Working out of Cleveland, Ohio, Big Hoke is typified by its use of original American roots, rock, and revivalist sound, with obvious salutes to the New Orleans jazz scene, early rock n’ roll, and classic singer-songwriters.

You get a little bit of everything on People, a deeper foray into more expansive songwriting for Gorski and his musical associates. Some of the songs are more introspective with more acoustic arrangements, while others, such as “Baby, I’m in the Mood For You” and “Bill Murray,” pack a more powerful punch with more celebratory tones. People is a full-on musical jubilee, where fun and liveliness are at the top of the menu.

Artwork for the album ‘People’ by Big Hoke