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Forgetmyname Premieres Her “Complex” New Music Video

Forgetmyname vents about the frustrations of love on her debut single and music video, “Complex.”



Love, relationships, it’s all so “complex.” But why? Singer and songwriter Nicole Morales, who goes under the pseudonym Forgetmyname, has taken the opportunity to vent a little over her frustration about these topics with her debut single and music video for “Complex.” An already highly emotional song, the music video further heightens these emotions, with the clip depicting Nicole as a dejected lover who helplessly looks on as someone she once cared deeply for moves on with their life. All that there is left to do is wonder what she can do to make that person feel differently.

The concept for the video was devised by Nicole herself, with the assistance of director Ryan Pham. Featuring some pretty stunning visuals, the video shows Nicole both looking on from afar as she observes her ex with a new person and her driving a vintage car, agonized by her former lover getting intimate with his new love interest in the backseat. It’s a creative depiction of how people often feel once someone has moved on without them, while you’re left to deal with the heartache and the burden of what could have been.

Elaborating on the relationship between the song and video, Nicole tells us:

“The idea behind the video was to shoot It in my imagination’s perspective. Complex was one of the few songs at that time that I had been able to be so vulnerable and blunt with, to finally  say “hey my heads spinning a little and your complexity is making me lose my mind completely!  Ryan Pham who directed the video and I came up with these scenes that really capture this frustration and paranoia that’s going on in my head.”

The song itself is an exciting combination of styles and eras of pop music. It’s catchy and modern sounding, yet classic in that it’s a traditional pop breakup ballad at its core. The production is rooted in ‘80s synth-pop, inspired by some of the most relevant synth-pop artists of that era, like Depeche Mode and Tears For Fears. It’s nostalgic, but also fits in very nicely with today’s more modern pop music. Most importantly, it’s just about the most satisfying debut a young artist could deliver as they begin to embark on a lengthy and productive songwriting career.

Artwork for the album “Complex” by Forgetmyname