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Steaksauce Mustache – ‘All Juice, No Noise’ [Album Review]

Steaksauce Mustache returns with their third full-length, ‘All Juice, No Noise’ (Silent Pendulum Records), loaded with chaotic mathcore.



Steaksauce Mustache has built a reputation for antics, energy, and chaos since they started out in 2014. Firstly, their live shows have garnered them the comparisons to Dillinger Escape Plan’s performances, a hard-fought feat to achieve alone. Secondly, their music videos are just as unhinged: “Truck Nut Allergy” showcases the sprinting and gastronomic abilities of a hot dog, while “Floppy Disk Function” features the disembodied heads of the band in cursed animation style divebombing into an alternate reality through an overflowing toilet – and that’s one of the more straightforward sentences I can write about that particular video.

Thirdly, and arguably most importantly, are their albums. All Juice, No Noise marks their third full-length recording, and the band has leaned heavily into their chaotic mathcore sound, with face-melting guitars, bone-blasting drums, and throat-tearing vocals. They are the musical equivalent of a bastard love child between Every Time I Die and Dillinger Escape Plan, a spiritual successor to Primus, and fed a constant diet of Adult Swim. Ultimately, there are two critical things that bands need in order for it all to work when they don’t take themselves seriously and lean more into the absurd: actually being funny and talented musicianship. I’m pleased to say Steaksauce Mustache has both in spades.

Deliciously, the band is touring with none other than Okilly Dokilly, the Ned Flanders metal (or, more accurately, “Nedal”) outfit, famous for such singles as “White Wine Spritzer” and “Reneducation.” Don’t keep sleeping on either band; go to one of their shows if they happen to be within a few light-years of your nearest city.

All Juice, No Noise Track Listing:

1. Bad Boy Donkey Island
2. Floppy Disc Function
3. No Earth Theory
4. Truck Nut Allergy
5. Stepdad Energy
6. Nocturnal Daymare
7. Gossip Banshee
8. Warp Speed With Aliens
9. Robot Computer Stuff
10. Workout Jeans
11. All Juice No Noise

Run Time: 36:43
Release Date: May 13, 2022
Record Label: Silent Pendulum Records

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