Adult contemporary artists Sarah and Richard Isen released their highly anticipated INTO THE BLUE EP on March 25. The niece and uncle have been creating music together for many years, with Richard recognizing Sarah’s musical and vocal gifts while she was a child.

While both artists individually pursued music and performance, they eventually came together to re-imagine some of Richard’s songs. INTO THE BLUE is a collection of Richard Isen originals, performed by Sarah Isen, with two brand new songs written for Sarah. Blending the old with the new, the EP embraces classic charm while playing with an unexpected jazz feel. Richard describes the project as “a labor of love for the entire family.”

Now at 22, Sarah Isen has grown up before Richard’s eyes. The two new songs, written for Sarah, include “Too Sweet” and “What The River Knows.” “Too Sweet” touches on diabetes, because Sarah is diabetic and commonly works as an advocate for children with type 1 diabetes. “What The River Knows” explores the philosophy of the Tao Te Ching, which Sarah became interested in at a young age. Both tracks are deeply personal and exude the everlasting bond between the two musicians. INTO THE BLUE is a culmination of years of musical artistry and family roots.

Cover art for ‘INTO THE BLUE’ by Sarah and Richard Isen