Alt-Americana group Foxfeather brings subtle darkness to their sweeping folky sound in their newest release “Ghost of You” out March 25. Detailing the sting of loss, betrayal, and what it’s like trying to regain your identity through that, lead vocalist Carly Smith draws listeners in with her desperate drawl and raw honesty. Joined by co-writer and guitarist Laura Stratton, the two craft a track with profoundly evocative lyrics, singing “years keep passing by, you still skin me with your smile.”

The song builds emotionally as Smith’s tone slips deeper into anguish over “the full and utter isolation that follows betrayal and abandonment.” “We have all lost ourselves, someone, something at some point,” the band explains, and it was Smith who “had been facing such a loss, of friendship, of identity, of trust and of faith” when the song was made. In this way, the song “delves deep into the well-known world that exists after loss,” a world many are familiar with today.

With the help of Blake Smith (electric guitar), Mark Dabrowski (bass), Jay Elliott (drums and percussion), Oliver Jacobson (violin), Kate Farmer (backup vocals), and Eric Moon (organ), “Ghost of You” explores the core emotional barriers of heartache and doesn’t hold back. Sonically producing “the inner turmoil of losing touch” while lyrically describing it, Foxfeather is completely unique in its style. Together, the band brilliantly balances the task of delivering delicate emotions while creating an all-encompassing sound.

Hoping to serve as a “powerful cry of acknowledgment,” “Ghost of You” is a cathartic track with impassioned underpinnings and palpable poignance.

Cover art for “Ghost Of You” for Foxfeather