The sun is shining, spring has sprung, and life is definitely worth celebrating, hopefully with those closest to you. If you are lucky enough to have a BFF, then you would know how this songwriting duo feels about each other, and the true meaning of their new single “Life Without You.” The two, Jackie Giroux and Caelen Perkins of Jacklen Ro, are on a best friends’ journey together, and that fact is quite obvious in songs such as this one, a tune about love and appreciation for those close to you.

The group feels that their music is representative of a new generation of young people that are evolving beyond our fixation with materialism towards a greater recognition of emotionalism. Corporate greed and never-ending product pushing can get a person down, so when something genuine comes along, you’re much more likely to have a positive reaction. That’s where Jacklen Ro comes in, especially when it comes to “Life Without You.”

Describing the song in more detail, Giroux tells us:

“‘Life With You’ is a song about unconditional love that’s reciprocal. It’s about the people you’re there for and are there for you when you need them. Like family. The people you want to shower with love cause they won’t judge.”

Giroux and Perkins were friends nearly instantly upon meeting in high school. They first shared their favourite music, then their favourite lyrics, which led to each of them trying their hand at writing their own lyrics. They began demoing their first record in 2017 when they were only halfway done high school, and by the time they graduated, they were fully committed to a career in music. They self-released Love Junkies in 2019, followed up by the catchier, poppier Til There Was You EP last year via Lolipop Records. As they began to find their stride, a clear sound emerged, one predicated on simplicity, positivity, and sincerity.

Jacklen Ro feels that they are representative of a more modern movement, not just in music, but in youth culture in general. Young people are worn out over the constant categorization and antiquated fixation on things like genres and expectations implied by those classifications. They have shifted their attention towards just simply emoting and not worrying about the rest of it all. When you feel something genuine and raw, it builds rapport and trust, and in some cases, friendship.

Giroux and Perkins may not be trying to be your friends per se, but they’d be happy to inject some honesty into your day that might make you feel a bit of relief from the tireless grind you’re otherwise likely feeling.

Artwork for the single “Life With You” by Jacklen Ro