Brooklyn-based indie-electro/dream-pop artist Glassio releases his double-single, “Breakaway” and “Everybody I Know Moved To LA” (pre-save here), tracks lifted from his forthcoming full-length album, See You Shine, slated to drop May 18th.

Glassio explains, “I wrote both of these songs in the Summer of 2020, just as the last wave of my close friends decided to move from NYC to L.A. New York was starting to feel very different, largely due to the pandemic. The song was definitely my emotional reaction to seeing New York change—not just suddenly after March of 2020, but over the 11 years I’ve been living here. It felt like with each passing year, you’d lose a number of your friends to the West Coast.¨

He goes on, adding, “‘Breakaway’ is my ode to anyone feeling out of place in a community and needing to find the courage to leave that place in order to fulfill their dreams and self-actualize. It stems from the perspective of leaving a broken home and turbulent childhood behind through self-reinvention. I liked the idea of packaging these two songs as an A/B single because to me they capture opposing moods, but from different sides of the same coin.”

The brainchild of Irish-Iranian singer-songwriter and producer Sam R, Glassio broke through in 2016, releasing “Try Much Harder,” followed by a series of popular singles, including “Morning House,” “Daydream,” and “Back For More,” amassing more than 5,000,000 streams collectively on Spotify.

Success led to sharing the stage with Fujiya & Miyagi, Electronic Youth, and Miami Horror. After performing at SXSW, Ladygunn Magazine named Glassio one of the best electronic acts.

Glassio then released the Age of Experience EP, which gathered millions of cross-platform streams. The EP’s lead single, “Back For More,” was featured on HBO’s Here & Now.


In 2020, Glassio dropped his debut album, For The Very Last Time, hailed by Bandcamp as one of the best electronic albums of the year. Two tracks on the album – “Nobody Stayed for the DJ” and “A Million Doubts” – hit the top spot on Hype Machine.

“Breakaway” opens on luminous pop colours riding a thumping rhythm as Glassio’s velvety voice imbues the lyrics with tantalizing savours. The harmonics blend retro flavours of British electronic new wave with sparkling textures of dream-pop.

Simultaneously melancholic and pervaded by dirge-like sensations, “Everybody I Know Moved To LA” radiates both dark and glittering hues. The feel and mood of the tune mirror lamentation and nostalgia, highlighted by Glassio’s sombre timbres as he narrates the emotions of loss.

Although the contrast between the two songs is marked, both display the plush new wave-flavoured dream-pop and creamy redolence of Glassio’s vocals.

At the end of May, Glassio will embark on a six-date tour co-headlining with Prinze George and Sulene.

Track Listing:

Side A: Breakaway
Side B: Everybody I Know Moved To LA

Run Time: 3:00 / 4:00
Release Date: March 30, 2022
Record Label: Self-Release