Rising Latin-pop star Maria Deirisarri finds herself grappling with “the struggle of freeing a tethered heart and the process of learning your worth” on “if the noon was a person.” Deirisarri teams up again with producer Patrick Taylor (also known as Lazuli Vane) for her newest release.

Deirisarri’s delicate and whimsical vocals are elevated with the help of Taylor’s ethereal production style which utilizes ukulele, acoustic guitar, kalimba, and synthesizers. Lyrically, Deirisarri cleverly personifies the moon in order to disparage a former love. Examining a past partner without the rose-coloured glasses, she is able to unpack the characteristics which she once revered and see their shortcomings for what they were.

“It can be frustrating to fall in love with an uncommitted person,” she says, but she explains that the track “offers immunity from their charms.” Lighthearted yet clever, Deirisarri sings “I swear if the moon was a person, different faces, other places, it’d be you.” Despite once being so enamoured, the bridge finds a stronger, more self-assured Deirisarri, able to reflect with clarity beyond the “hypnotic” pull of her past partner.

“Love can be a beautiful, ephemeral, and dreamy poison,” she explains. Detailing what it’s like to fall out of love, Deirisarri sums up the track succinctly. “‘If the Moon Was a Person’ is a beautiful and delicate yet savage song that rips the undeserving off their pedestals.”

Cover art for “if the moon was a person” by Maria Deirisarri