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Talking True Love and Valentines Day Disasters with Wax On Water Lead Singer Maya Damaris

Off the back of new single, “You Know When You Know”, we talk true love and Valentines Day with Wax On Water lead singer Maya Damaris



Fronted by the charismatic Maya Damaris, London alt-rock band Wax On Water have just dropped their new single “You Know When You Know”.

The single chooses to avoid the usual romantic cliches instead focusing on self-love rather than romantic love. On the subject of the song, Damaris says: “When you come out the other side of a love relationship and find some strength again, you start to re-centre yourself and that’s the place that I wrote this song from. I do believe in love as a higher power; I think there are important love connections that we have while we’re on this planet and that’s one of the main reasons we are here – and this song is a manifestation of that.”

With Valentines Day upon us, we spoke to the lead singer, songwriter and producer to get her thoughts on true love, perfect dates and Valentine Day disasters.

What does Valentines Day mean to you?

Maya Damaris: “Love is more complicated than a one-day celebration – so for me, I see it as a celebration in support of everyone that finds love, and is ready to navigate the struggles and make it through to the other end, a little more healed than before – as well as those who WANT to find love. Ultimately, I believe that if you treat people with love and respect you will receive the same back – and that’s definitely worth celebrating.”

Where would your perfect Valentine’s Day location be and how would you want to spend the day?

“Maybe a day by the beach and then in the evening going to a gig and listening to a band or musician that I vibe off.”

What would you want on the menu for your romantic meal?

“I’m an avid cook so something different would be fun, maybe good Asian South American fusion?… and of course, it needs to be well paired with good wine! That’s non-negotiable.”

What about music? What would be playing in the background?

“Anything authentic with a vibe – if you’re with someone you’re into and you’re enjoying music together that’s going to be a great moment.”

Which Wax On Water song do you think would be most suited for your perfect Valentines Day?

“‘You Know When You Know’ was written about wanting to find love – and knowing that you haven’t met your soul connection yet but believing that it will be when it is meant to be. Sometimes you just have to trust in the universe.”

Any Valentines Day disasters you care to recall?

“Receiving an anonymous card, being sure it was a particular guy I knew and then bringing it up in conversation with him and then realising pretty quickly that it totally wasn’t him. Ugh, I’m still cringing!”

What is your definition of true love?

“Having a best friend that shares the same sense of humour and passions in life and makes living joyous, in spite of the difficulties that we all face.”

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